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New Year’s Wardrobe Resolutions

With each New Year come new beginnings and promises for a bright year ahead. But instead of diets and detoxes, commit to turning over a new sartorial leaf with some new year's wardrobe resolutions. These are promises you will want to stick to.

Shine Bright

If you tend to play things safe, resolve to stand out from the crowds in 2017. Our new Small Lottie in a captivating iridescent dragonfly finish will uplift your wardrobe in an instant with its multi-faceted shimmer. No need to overhaul your entire wardrobe, just pair this with your usual staples and shine on for the year ahead.

Accessorise More

Accessories are the building blocks of a truly individual wardrobe. Jewellery in particular often becomes a daily routine rather than an expression of style, as we slip on our favourite watch or ring each morning. Break the habit and bring your outfit to life with the perfectly pastel Minerva Cuff Bracelet. Whether you pair it with a fresh white shirt or a statement dress, this is arm candy at its finest.

Stay Connected

Vowing to connect more with friends and family is a commendable resolution and one that relies heavily upon our phones and tablets. The daily back and forth of group chats, emails, texts and phone calls often leaves us searching for a plug socket. Save yourself the low battery panic and let 2017 be the year that tech becomes chic. Invest in our Midi Marylebone Tech Tote in luxurious teal nubuck croc leather to stay connected in style.

Enjoy a Little Luxury Every Day

After the cosy haze of Christmas, getting back into a routine can be a struggle. However, life's little luxuries can add a spark of style to each day. Indulge in the everyday essentials to elevate your wardrobe and liven up those practicalities. Treat yourself to the soft peppermint tones of our Continental Clutch Zip Wallet allow yourself to enjoy a little luxury every single day.

Go Wild

The Mini Trunk Clutch in leopard digi print is the perfect antidote to a style rut. All of us fall into a fashion formula at one point or another; relying upon our regular favourites each day. But a new year is the ideal time to break free from our own norms and inject a fresh perspective. Animal prints are huge on the horizon for the new season and just what you need to revitalise your wardrobe.

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