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Jewellery Collection '23

No outfit is complete without jewellery. Recall the countless times you've felt your outfit isn't quite perfect, only to put your jewellery on and, transformed by the power of a simple necklace or bracelet, confidently feel you're ready to leave. Designed to be the favourite pieces you reach for every day, our new jewellery collection speaks to effortless elegance; the 'statement sophistication without looking like you tried too hard' aesthetic that's enviable for every occasion. In timeless gold and silver, classic designs elevated with an Aspinal twist seamlessly integrate into your existing jewellery wardrobe, ready to be adored for a lifetime.

Unlike other gifts, there's a certain sentimentality to gifted jewellery. They'll always remember who gave them that special piece, and be reminded of you every time they wear it. With universally attractive designs, a gift from our new jewellery collection is one you can guarantee they'll fall in love with.

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Made to Mix and Match

Showcasing a luxurious selection of necklaces, bracelets, bangles and charms, our new jewellery collection is crafted with endless ways to style. Wear your Chain Necklace alone for a sophisticated, minimalist aesthetic, or pair it with our elegant Beaded Necklace for an on-trend layered look. Transform your necklace with the addition of a Feather, Bee, or personalisable Disc Charm, then switch things up by attaching and wearing the charm on your Chain Bracelet. Made to mix and match, the collection allows the wearer to create custom jewellery looks for every occasion.

A Guide to Layering

To create a beautifully layered necklace look, start with the Chain Necklace as your focal point. Next, a shorter chain, like our Beaded Necklace, will add depth and dimension to your ensemble, as well as introducing a different texture with the different chain style. For a modern look, mixing metals, such as gold and silver, can add an element of contrast and intrigue. Finally, personalise your look with your choice of Bee, Feather or Disc Charm, the latter of which can be made truly unique with our luxury engraving service. If you wish to add other necklaces to the look, remember to balance the overall appearance by considering the weight and size of each necklace in your layers.