Our Story

Aspinal of London is the quintessential, modern heritage luxury lifestyle brand. Defining the art of gifting with English style and sensibility.

Our History

Established in 2001 by technology entrepreneur Iain Burton, the original inventor and supplier of audio-guides to the world's most prestigious museums such as the National Gallery, the Louvre, and the Vatican. This working partnership evolved into Aspinal becoming the supplier of bespoke leather accessories and stationery to museum gift shops, quickly growing into a luxury lifestyle consumer brand. Throughout the years, Aspinal of London has remained true to the brand's artisanal heritage, producing hand-crafted leather accessories with a distinct British style.

Our Identity

Aspinal is an Old English name originating from the countryside, referring to a copse of trees adjacent to a well, and representative of nature, strength, and generosity. The logo is a coat arms, a heraldic symbol, an embodiment of our brand's spirit. The shield represents protection and quality. The castellation border symbolises the English home, a castle. The feather represents a quill, a symbol of the skill and craftsmanship at the heart of creating beautiful products, designed to last a lifetime.

Our Roots

Our brand headquarters is set within The National Park of West Sussex Downs, deep in the heart of the English countryside. Aspinal of London was born in London's most prestigious museums, galleries and cultural institutions, yet our roots also remain in the English countryside; the duality of city and country go hand in hand, shaping our brand identity and naturally etched into our creative handwriting.

Our Values

Aspinal products are designed for longevity, we create with the view they will be passed down throughout the generations. Craftsmanship is at the heart of achieving this standard of quality, and one of our defining brand values. Aspinal began as a family run business, and to this day remains unchanged. In our company, family values start at the top, creating a strong sense of community among our team, our customers, and a warm, hospitable experience within each of our stores.

Our Responsibility

We are passionate about everything we do and genuinely proud of the work we create. With our pride comes responsibility, we are committed to acting consciously as a business to lessen our environmental impact and create positive change to the world we live in.

#BeeAspinal encompasses our commitments business-wide, split into our 4 Ps: Product, Planet, Partnership and People.

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