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Celebrate the Coronation with Aspinal of London

A profound adoration of the United Kingdom has always been at the heart of Aspinal of London. Whether we've been inspired by iconic areas of London like with our beloved Mayfair Bag, or romanticising the English countryside with AW21's Woodland Collection, the unique landscape, energy, and people of the UK have long served as the brand's creative centre. Deepening our connection to British society, we have experienced great pride in our designs being worn by royal family members over the years.

This month, we are delighted to be joining the nations of England, Scotland, Wales, and N. Ireland in celebrating the crowning of King Charles III at his Coronation on Saturday 6th May. As individuals come together to tune in and watch the broadcast or take to the streets for joyous street parties, we will be raising a glass to the success of the monarch's reign and prosperity of all people in his kingdom.

Marking this special event, 'Flora and Fauna of the United Kingdom' is an original artwork by our Artistic Executive Director Mariya Dykalo. Featuring beautiful illustrations of symbolic flora and fauna from across the UK's four nations, the pen and gold ink drawing was displayed in our flagship London store, attracting mass praise and attention from shoppers before being transformed into our new, limited edition Coronation Celebration Silk Scarf.

An exquisite, wearable piece of art, the Coronation Silk Scarf is a stylish way to commemorate a slice of the United Kingdom's history. Symbolic and native nature floods the scarf, with a plethora of captivating animals and plants on display. This includes a lion, robin and rose for England, a unicorn, golden eagle and thistle for Scotland, a red dragon, red kite and daffodil for Wales and an Irish hare, lapwing, and shamrock for Northern Ireland. The St Edward's Crown, created in 1661 for King Charles II and which will be used in the Coronation of King Charles III, provides a beautiful finishing touch.

In a palette of beige and cream tones with royal purple accents, the Coronation Celebration Silk Scarf is an effortlessly graceful, chic accessory to complement any look, from garden parties to sophisticated evening events.

‘I am so proud to be English by marriage and adore learning the history and customs of my adopted country! Aspinal is a quintessential English brand and I always look to English history, architecture and nature to inspire my artwork. I have never been prouder of the people of this country since war broke out in Ukraine, as their charity efforts and generosity have been utterly amazing. The Coronation of King Charles III is a special moment for the United Kingdom and I can’t wait to celebrate this momentous day with my friends, family and neighbours.’

Mariya Dykalo