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The Aspinal Honeybees | #BeeAspinal

Aspinal of London's main headquarters are located in the heart of the South Downs National Park, a sprawling landscape of forest and nature. We are incredibly fortunate to be in an area of such outstanding natural beauty and are aware of our responsibility to protect and preserve our environment.

According to a recent study, a third of British wild bees are in decline. If current trends continue, some species will be lost from Britain altogether. Scientists warn that the loss of nature could create problems in years to come, including the ability to grow food crops which could devastate our ecosystem for generations to come.

Aspinal of London is proud to have set up our own in-house 'Bee Foundation'. As a company, we are working hard to combat this decline by giving our local bee community the best surroundings to survive and develop.

Currently, Aspinal has 15 beehives located on our site in Fernhurst, with plans to increase this over the next 12 months, to provide the bees with an environment to breed and nurture their young. In addition, this summer we will be planting a meadow of wildflowers surrounding the hives.

Where there are bees there will be honey! Our in-house beekeeper maintains the hives throughout the year, and come autumn harvests the yearly honey production. The honey is jarred and given to team members, press and customers. At our AW20 LFW Presentation, senior editors and press were gifted a jar from our first harvest for them to take away and enjoy. Fifty hives could provide us with up to 10,000 jars of honey when they reach maturity. We plan on using these as gifts for customers to further highlight the fundamental need for honeybees for our future. We have also given away packs of seeds to customers and press that can be planted at home to encourage bee pollination across the country!