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Giving Back: Our Work with the South Downs

Established in 2017, the South Downs National Park Trust is the official charity of the South Downs National Park, the home of Aspinal HQ. Its dedicated team works to support tangible improvements to the environment across the Downs, from enhancing grasslands, heathlands, and woodlands to increasing walking and cycling routes, supporting local communities and much more.

A unique and beautiful setting, the influence of the Park's rolling chalk downland and wooded heaths can be seen across our accessories and collections. This includes the popular Bee Keyring and 2021's Woodland Collection, which were sold to aid the charity's Beelines and Trees for the Downs campaigns, boosting bee populations and planting trees across the landscape. Most recently, in February we launched the South Downs Sunrise Collection, showcasing a spectrum of shades sampled from the skies above the Park.

Moving forwards, the Trust has a series of projects and goals it is working towards. In addition to the 40,000 trees already planted, the Trees for the Downs initiative has been planting a further 23,000 over the winter. Looking to the area's pond network, Pounds for Ponds is seeking to invest in the creation and restoration of ponds, wildlife oases that have been lost to changing farming practices. Building on its existing success, the Beelines project is helping bee populations flourish by creating lush wildflower corridors to link habitats.

To mark the special relationship between the National Park and Aspinal, we will be making a donation to fund the ongoing success of this important work, giving back to the landscape that has given us so much joy and inspiration. This is in addition to our continued support for vital bee pollination, with 15 Aspinal hives found near our headquarters. We look forward to continuing to see the landscape thrive.

Find out more about the South Downs Trust below.

Website - https://southdownstrust.org.uk/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/southdownstrust/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SouthDownsTrust

X - https://twitter.com/SouthDownsTrust