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Ukraine Crisis Fundraising Capsule Collection

The war and humanitarian crisis affecting my homeland have been heartbreaking and galvanised me, like so many Ukrainians, to do whatever we can to raise funds, and awareness and try to move people to safety. I’m proud to have been able to work with Aspinal to create accessories that will raise money for charities that mean so much to me and the people of Ukraine.

Mariya Dykalo, Aspinal of London

Ukraine Crisis Fundraising Capsule Collection

Working with charities has always been central to the Aspinal of London ethos. As soon as war broke out, the company worked to generate awareness for the relief efforts and supported charities and individuals in Ukraine.

Now in response to the ongoing crisis, Aspinal is delighted to announce the launch of two special limited edition Aspinal of London accessories to raise funds for two worthy charities, that will benefit from the proceeds of each item sold. These unique pieces have been designed by Mariya Dykalo, of Aspinal of London, who has championed this initiative with the full support of the Aspinal team.

Sunflower Silk Scarf

This beautiful 90cm x 90cm 100% silk scarf features a design taken from an original oil painting Mariya created as an homage to the national flower of Ukraine and a historic symbol of hope and peace; the sunflower. Originally created on canvas with oil by palette knife, this piece depicts sunflowers representing the people of Ukraine who fight in hope as well as the lives lost to the conflict. The ebullient yellow flowers lie on a backdrop of blue sky, which together represents the colours of Ukraine's flag.

Proceeds from the sale of the Sunflower Scarf will go to The Centre for Women's Perspectives - an NGO who creates shelters for women and children in Lviv in the West of Ukraine, which helps to evacuate women and children from the eastern regions of Ukraine to Lviv. Long term, The Centre for Women's Perspectives is raising money to fund infrastructure for kindergartens and long-term accommodation for displaced women throughout Ukraine.

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The Heart Keyring

For her second limited edition accessory, Mariya chose an Aspinal of London icon: the Heart Keyring, which has been a bestseller since its launch in 2013. The heart symbolises love, friendship, and solidarity, making it the perfect piece to re-work for this charity initiative. Designed to be attached to keys or used as a charm for bags, this piece has been embossed with #StandWithUkraine to demonstrate solidarity with the plight of the people of the country. Blue and yellow leather represent Ukraine's flag, allowing the wearer to subtly signify their support for the men, women and children who are suffering as a result of the conflict.

The #StandWithUkraine message was included specifically to support DATTALION, a charity Mariya has been involved with since its inception and to which proceeds of the Heart Keyring will be donated.

Founded by Ukrainian Valentina Synenka, Dattalion allows the people of Ukraine to create unedited raw and most importantly, true and real-time footage of exactly what is happening in the country, so that footage can be accessed by international media outlets and serve as a historical archive and be the basis for war crimes proceedings. It helps people trace displaced loved ones and is a vital source of communication within a war-torn nation. Dattalion helps fight the misinformation that is being propagated and shows the truth of the war, as witnessed by those suffering in Ukraine.

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