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Aspinal of London x Blue Marine Foundation

Aspinal x Blue Marine Foundation

At the heart of Aspinal of London's values lies a steadfast commitment to supporting charitable causes, driving the brand to discover and champion new charities each year. This spring we are announcing a collaboration with Blue Marine Foundation to launch a collection of silk scarves that celebrate ocean life and advocate for marine conservation.

The Aspinal of London x Blue Marine Foundation partnership represents a fusion of fashion and environmental consciousness, bringing together Aspinal's commitment to timeless style with the urgent mission of marine conservation. The Aspinal of London x Blue Marine Foundation silk scarf and pocket square are pieces of wearable art that not only showcase the intricate beauty of marine life but also serves as powerful symbols of support for the preservation of our oceans.

Blue Marine is a leading marine conservation charity dedicated to protecting and preserving the world's oceans. Their impactful initiatives focus on creating marine protected areas, combating overfishing, and restoring marine habitats to ensure the long-term health and sustainability of our seas.

I’m a strong believer in our collective responsibility to tackle the climate emergency and to offer support, education, and motivation for initiatives, no matter their scale, on a daily basis. Upon learning about the impactful work of the Blue Marine Foundation, I was instantly inspired to channel my creative energy into crafting something extraordinary for their cause. Through collaboration with the Aspinal team, we’ve meticulously designed a silk scarf and pocket square that feature a mesmerising portrayal of ocean life – with a majestic blue whale at its centre, surrounded by a vibrant array of fish, tortoises, enigmatic octopuses, graceful seahorses, spirited crabs, ethereal jellyfish and radiant starfish. This artwork bursts with vibrant colours and dynamic energy, encapsulating the urgent need to protect and preserve life within our oceans.

Mariya Dykalo is Artistic and Executive Designer for Aspinal of London.

The dedication and creativity of the Aspinal team has resulted in a collection that not only raises awareness about the critical state of our oceans but also contributes to our conservation efforts. The funds generated from this collection will directly support our projects, bringing us one step closer to safeguarding the marine ecosystems that are vital for life on Earth,

Sara-Jane Skinner, Head of Partnerships, Blue Marine Foundation.

Net proceeds from the collection will be donated to the Blue Marine Foundation to further their conservation initiatives.