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9 Reasons Why We Love Autumn

Autumn can seem jarring at first, but there are just so many good things about it that actually make it our favourite time of year. As the nights draw in and the leaves begin to fall, we soon forget about those summer blues pretty quickly. From pumpkin spice to bonfire night, here's why we love autumn.

Rediscovering the winter wardrobe

During autumn, we get to know our favourite winter warmers all over again. The colder weather means it's easier to sustain your style. Forget chopping and changing, your careful layering and outfit choices will remain intact from the morning to the evening and your favourite trench coat and boots come out of summer retirement once again. Compliment them with Aspinal's winter warmers, our with sumptuous Ladies Sheepskin Lined Suede Gloves will mean you'll never feel the chill.

Cosy nights in

As the nights draw in, there's nothing better than pulling up the duvet and watching the world go by from your window. Autumn makes everything a touch more atmospheric; with only the light from streetlamps lighting the way and rain pattering on the window, set the mood with scented candles and relax. It's the perfect time to cosy up on the sofa.

Autumn’s feel

There's nothing quite like how autumn feels; the cold air on your face in the morning to wake you up and the soft crunch of dried leaves beneath your feet.

A packed social calendar

Something about this time of year just brings everyone together; nobody's jetting off on holiday and we're more inclined to head out to a nice restaurant for great food and company. And if it's not our friends we're hanging out with, from work to social clubs, seasonal events pop up all the time. Definitely something to keep an eye on social media for. If you find it tricky keeping everything up to date, book some time to look at our range of luxury, leather bound diaries.

Sugar and spice

Autumn gets food and drink just right. Pumpkin spice lattes or peppermint hot chocolate never fails to lift the spirit, and that's before we get near the hot spiced cider and mulled wine which isn't far away at all.

Bonfire night

A massive spectacle with sparklers and fireworks, bonfire night encapsulates everything romantic about autumn and is a great way to spend a date with that special someone.

Changing colours

Our designers take a lot of inspiration from nature's natural palette, autumn is an explosion of colour. Shifting shades of burgundy and amber never stop surprising us, just take a weekend walk through the countryside and you'll have your breath taken away.

Turning back the clock

It's still a pleasant surprise when the clocks roll back. An extra hour of beauty sleep and a lazy weekend is the perfect combination.

The countdown to Christmas

As we move through autumn, the festive spirit gathers speed, as Christmas lights are turned on our towns and cities come alive with joy and cheer. Then, as December arrives, the highstreets and bars are full of cheerful excitement - we've started writing our lists already.

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