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Winter Sun Essentials by Laura Jackson - The Guest Edit

TV presenter Laura Jackson guest edits her winter sun essentials exclusively for Aspinal of London

1. Make up bag:

Large Cosmetic Case - I love a nice make up bag. A small one could be used if you have carry-on luggage, or the large if you're traveling in luggage for long haul.

2. A Big Bag:

Marylebone Tote - A Big bag is a must and this is just perfect. You can fit your computer in there as well as all your holiday carry on bits and bobs.

3. Travel Wallet:

Classic Travel Collection - I love being organised and having everything in little pouches. There is nothing more satisfying checking in at the airport knowing you have all you documents in one perfect (and beautiful) travel wallet.

4. Journal:

English Bridle Journal - I am a stationery junky. Where ever i go i always buy stationary, especially in a french supermarche! I carry a notepad and pen with me at all times. This would be the perfect pad for travel notes or weekend thoughts!

5. Suitcase

Candy Case - I love the simplicity and chicness of this navy case. The perfect travel companion.

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