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Guest edit: Mollie Bylett

Currently one of the country's hottest travel bloggers and tipped as "one to watch", Mollie Bylett's blog 'Where's Mollie' receives 75k - 80k views per month, her Instagram following just hit 50k and she now has over 1.2 million Youtube Views.

She's constantly traveling, on trips, campaigns, reviews, all while retaining an enviable effortless style.

Here we catch up with Mollie on her fashion travel essentials, her global style inspiration and her Aspinal of London wish list.

Where was your first trip abroad?

Apparently at 10 months old I joined my parents on their honeymoon in Ibiza!

How often do you travel?

Certainly for the last 24 months since focusing my blog on travel, I've been travelling more than I have been home. I would say 70%+ of my time is spent on the road / away from home.

What are your travel essentials?

Peppermint tea bags, a vacuum insulated water bottle, my Bare Minerals skin and makeup sets and my GoPro.

What’s your funniest travelling memory?

I have so many! The most recent one that comes to mind was during a ski trip in Niseko, Japan. My friend and I were both still learning to master the snow and we accidentally took a wrong turn in the mountains. We ended up with no choice but to get the lift to the highest point on the mountain, from which point there were no easy routes down. The ascending chairlift seemed to have no end, the visibility dropped to zero and we were just so delirious with fear, we couldn't stop laughing. It definitely got funnier after we made it to the bottom alive!

Where is your favourite place you’ve been?

This is definitely a question that I find hard to answer. It totally depends what adventure is in question. For road trips, New Zealand. For festivals, America. For lifestyle and somewhere I could live - Australia. For food - Asia, particularly Japan!

How do your travels influence your style?

The biggest influence on my travel style is definitely weather. I do a lot of active adventure and find myself exposed to some extreme climates along the way so I have to make sure I prioritise the practicality of my outfits and accessories.

What’s the best bag to take on your travels?

You're most likely to catch me with a backpack. Backpacks allow me to distribute the weight of my cameras evenly across my body to ensure I don't injure myself or compromise my posture. It also means I have two hands free for taking photos / dancing!

What’s the best thing about being a travel blogger?

The opportunities I get to meet people and explore countries I probably wouldn't have otherwise invested in.

What do you look forward to most when you get home?

Definitely getting to the gym and back on top of my diet. I find it really hard to keep on top of fitness and healthy eating as much as I desire when I'm on the road due to a severe lack of routine. Swapping between climates, time zones and activities continuously really takes its toll on your body and so coming home means I can nourish my body. Including early nights back in my own bed!

What trips have you got coming up?

I'm currently writing this from the clouds as I take a flight from Switzerland to Munich where I'm transferring to South Tyrol in Italy for 4 days of skiing with GoPro. The coming months see me explore the likes of Spain, Austria, Finland and Portugal.

Where is on your travel bucket list?

I am a massive lover of festivals and so Burning Man has been top of my list for a while. I actually just secured my ticket yesterday for 2017's edition which is super exciting! Aside from that, Hawaii, India and South America are amongst my dream destinations...

What’s on your Aspinal of London wishlist?

The Marylebone Tote for airport convenience as it allows for easy access to documents and is spacious enough to fit in all my flight essentials.

The Travel Wallet as keeping travel documents, travel money and receipts organised plays an important part in my efficiency.

The Luggage Tags because they are super smart and should your luggage be misplaced - you've given people an obvious way to contact you.

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