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Hiver have a passion for craft beer and London's urban beekeepers. The sustainability of bees is a cause close to our hearts and watch this space as to why...

How did Hiver start?

Hiver was born out of an admiration for London's urban beekeepers and a passion for craft beer. We use only British ingredients and suppliers, and ferment with raw honeys to produce our range, which offers a great and modern interpretation of this fantastic beer style.

What is special about Hiver’s beer?

Hiver sources raw honey from independent British beekeepers. Beekeepers say that good quality honey should not be pasteurised, the same way that brewers talk about good quality beer. The fact that bees forage in a three mile radius to the hive, means that the three honeys we source for Hiver are as varied and unique as the malted barley and hops that were picked during the recipe development stage.

The beer recipe was developed with the aim of creating an all-British honey beer after realising we could do it in a way that no-one else was and with the aim of doing it properly. The honey was used as an ingredient rather than as an addition for flavouring and we think this is what makes Hiver the best that it can be as well as moreish and accessible.

What do you do to support bees?

Hiver donates 10% of profits to pollinator charities and we'd love it if you could join us when we support Wildflower planting days run by organisations like the London Beekeepers Association.

Where can we find Hiver?

You can find Hiver at the top of the Shard, in Marks & Spencer outlets within greater London and a number or pubs, bars and restaurants throughout the UK. Hiver can also be found online through Ocado, Flavourly and Ales by mail.

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