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Guest Edit: Charlotte De Carle

Model, Presenter, DJ Charlotte De Carle gives us her insight into being a success, her career highlights and her favourite AW14 Aspinal Products.


When you were a child what was your dream job?

Well I wanted to be a vet, but shortly after seeing my guinea pig called Sad Eyes pass away, I realised, death is not my favourite. Then I wanted to be a gym instructor. It's a good job I didn't follow that, as to be honest, I cant remember the last time I visited one, so I'd probably be unemployed by now if I took that route.

What was your first ever shoot like and how do you think you've changed since then?

Well I lost the puppy fat on my cheeks. I used to look like I had a mouth full of marshmallows but then I grew into my cheek bones. I had absolutely no idea what to do with my face.

Have you had any pinch me moments (career highlights)?

Well I shot for Marie Claire, that was a highlight. Obviously filming the M&S Christmas commercial with David Gandy wasn't too painful. Such a lucky guy getting to work with me! I have also been working with a lot of charities too, I am a big softie at heart.

If you could give any advice to people wanting to become a model or a TV presenter, what would you tell them?

For modelling, I would say don't believe what everyone tells you. For one client you maybe too fat, for another too thin, it's just people's opinions. No job is worth risking your health for! You have to be strong to do this job, constant rejection isn't easy to take.

For presenting, I would say find your own style. Nobody is looking for the next Alexa Chung as there is already one out there. So discover what makes you you, makes you stand out as an individual and home in on that. Find your inner weird!

Where are your favourite London hangouts?

Well I live in Dalston, which I like to call the Falerakie of London. There is always somewhere open no matter what time and it's full of the strangest creatures, like a human zoo. The charity shop chic game is strong. If some one died in it, it's tres cool darling!

Describe your personal style?

To be honest, it's how ever I wake up, certain times of the month I dress like Voldamort, it just feels right. Then other times I like to dress a little more chic. I am a huge fan of the masculine style. Trouser suits definitely a favourite of mine.

Favourite item of clothing/accessory you own?

That, without a shadow of a doubt, would have to be my Nichole de Carle Plunge bra. It brings some much needed "creativity" to my otherwise lacking lady hills, not mountains. Miracle workers those.

What's your favourite piece from Aspinal AW14?

Sofia Bag in Deer Haircalf 100% which I happily own. Is it wrong I want to share a bed with it? Not in a sexual way. Just big spoon it to sleep.

What do you carry in your bag?

A brick... only joking! Oh and definitely not a dog, those are for walking. Boring stuff really like make up, iPad, iPhone charger (obviously, because they can't last a full day) a pen and paper (because I'm rustic like that). Lastly an umbrella, sunglasses and gloves, as being in England means you have to be prepared for every possible weather.

Who are your Fashion icons?

I love the sixties era style so Bridget Bardot and Vanessa Paradis are icons on mine, the old fashion kind of Celebrity.

What are your top 3 Christmas gifts from Aspinal?

Just three?! Fine!

Letterbox Rucksack in Berry Smooth, its just pure bag porn. LOVE.

Double Fold Credit Card Case with Notes Pocket in Smooth Berry, small and nifty!

Padlock Cuff in Smooth Black, its just looks blooming marvelous!

Twitter: @charldecarle

Instagram: @charlottedecarle

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