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Equestrian and Country Style Fashion with the Aspinal Saddle Bag

Britain is known for many things including our luscious countryside and love of equestrian sports. These are just some of the many iconic British traditions, as well as our royalty, the British humour and stiff upper-lip notoriety. Aspinal has taken inspiration from the former and channeled it into creating a range of bags that mix the two into creating a formal, yet feminine Equestrian and Country Style Fashion collection.

The Letterbox Saddle Bag is the very embodiment of all things quintessentially British. Its structured shape incorporates clean lines and its clear letterbox-style closure ensures a defining centrepiece for the bag, whilst adding a feminine twist to the classic cross body saddle bag at the same time.

In terms of colours for the letterbox, autumnal earthy tones were chosen, with shades ranging from moss green to berry pebble, nubuck greys to pheasant snake. These colours were chosen as an ode to the dramatic transformation of the environment as the seasons change from summer to winter.

And it appears that celebrities love the new letterbox, with Ellie Goulding, Eliza Doolittle and Caroline Flack all being seen accessorising their outfits with the saddle bag. Bloggers have also been admiring the new collection of letterbox saddlebags, with Coco's Tea Party blogger Ella Gregory and Be Frassy blogger Audrey Roger's expressing their love for Aspinal's additions.

Join the fash-pack and carry a touch of the country/ equestrian trend with you to stay up-to-date with the current craze.

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