The Great Outdoors Edit

In Britain, we are blessed with an astonishing array of natural landscapes, from the wild beauty of Scotland's Western Isles to the dense woodland and wildflower meadows of the South Downs, home to Aspinal's headquarters. While exploring the great outdoors is exhilarating, there is a particular joy in having your own green space to tend to.

Gardening is a mindful activity that improves wellbeing and benefits the environment, regardless of whether you have a sprawling cottage garden or a modest balcony or terrace full of pot plants. Discover more about the simple pleasure of time spent outdoors including the positive effects of gardening and allow us to provide our recommendations for how to enhance this relaxing pastime with refined accessories.

A Wellbeing Boost

Gardening has well-documented effects on wellbeing and mental health. It can reduce stress and anxiety, improve physical fitness and even boost your confidence. Having a project to plan and carry out, while enjoying the nature around you, keeps the mind focused on the task at hand, which helps to keep worries at bay. When you are busy planting bulbs and tending to shrubs, you are also taking a welcome break from the stresses and strains of today's hectic pace of life. Being outside provides opportunities for real-world interaction with your local community, too. A friendly chat with neighbours and passers-by might result in new connections and gives you a feeling of pride when they remark on your well-kept garden.

The Benefits For You and Nature

Taking time to care for your green space is certainly therapeutic, but there are further benefits that enrich all areas of your life. In warmer weather, a beautiful garden is an extension of your home. Heading outside with your laptop to complete the day's work or enjoying a relaxing yoga session on your patio is one of life's simple pleasures. Tending to your own vegetable patch or fruit trees provides you with the freshest organic produce and sweet satisfaction from the result of your hard work. Gardening is also a way to boost your local ecosystem, particularly birds and bees. Plant an array of bright, bee-friendly flowers to help your local population thrive, then fill your garden with the sound of nature's song by adding bird feeders to the trees.

Introducing Our Gardening Accessories

Ensure you are well prepared for a rewarding day's work in the fresh air with Aspinal's exquisite gardening accessories. Our supremely comfortable and hard-wearing gardening apron is an elegant way to protect your clothing while tending to the flower beds. The Henley Botanical Tote is an exceptional piece that provides ample space to accommodate your gardening tools, saving you trips back and forth to the shed. The upcycled silk trim showcases a nature-inspired pattern featuring our vibrant chalkhill blue shade, named after a butterfly that is local to our Sussex headquarters. Note down the day's achievements and plan tomorrow's activities using our charming Gardening Notebook, which features a deluxe metal-free leather exterior with lined pages.

The collection makes a perfect gift this Mother's Day or for any keen gardener looking to elevate their outdoor attire.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

While you take care of your own corner of nature, Aspinal is also striving to protect our environment through increasingly sustainable practices. Our collections, including this gardening edit, incorporate ethically sourced and upcycled materials to make sure we reduce our impact on the world. We have also set up a Bee Foundation at our Sussex Downs headquarters, with five hives expertly tended to by our in-house beekeeper. With these important pollinators in mind, we are aiming to help combat the decline of British bees and ensure our gardens and green spaces thrive.

Aspinal values gardening as an activity that allows us to set aside time for ourselves and our environment. The beauty of the Sussex Downs inspired our first gardening collection and continues to influence the refined products we create and our sustainability journey.

Discover more about our Bee Aspinal sustainability commitment.