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The Story Behind The Bowling Bag

This season, our design team have looked to retro influences to guide the structure of one of our new must-have styles: the Bowling Bag. With a rich history, this sophisticated and spacious piece embodies vintage charm and is one of our Autumn/Winter essentials.

The Invention

Despite having a history stretching back thousands of years, bowling only became a popular sport at the start of the 20th century. As it grew in popularity, the need to carry the heavy bowling balls to the lanes posed a problem for players, and so the bowling bag was born.

The first bowling bags were introduced as early as the 1920s and were made out of strong, durable leather. Their design was purely functional to carry the weight of the bowling balls, yet now this covetable design possesses a distinct place in our fashion wardrobes, with strong aesthetic appeal.

The Golden Age

The influence of television soon brought bowling to life around the world, and kick-started the golden era of bowling as a popular sport in the 1950s and 60s. With it came a new kitsch aesthetic of matching outfits, team logos and a new and improved bowling bag. With its distinctive rounded shape, the bowling bag is still considered the quintessential bag structure that continues to influence designers today.

The Resurgence

The popularity of the bowling bag meant designers were always striving to create different styles of this sporting classic, and the bags became more modernised and fashion-forward. Following the resurgence of the bowling bag in the 1990s, with it came a nod to the retro style from the 50s and the bowling bag became a compact and sleek modernisation of its original style, perfect for everyday use outside the bowling lanes. Since its revival, the modern day bowling bag has now become a covetable accessory and a timeless essential.

Aspinal's Pearl Bowling Bag

While re-inventing the bowling bag, our designers combined vintage and contemporary styles together. They modernised the retro shape with clean silhouette and smooth finish, whilst adding sophisticated detailing with delicate pearl adornments. Take a look through our exquisite collection:


The deep blue hue lends a sense of timeless versatility to the bag, ideal for any occasion. With gold hardware accents, the two shades create a vintage-inspired contrast for a versatile and classic look.


Matching the unique sophistication of the pearl embellishment, the soft rose dust is the perfect accessory for a quintessentially English, feminine outfit.


Our smooth chanterelle leather creates a beautiful alternative to black, whilst embodying simple and understated style. The silver hardware and pearl detailing exude classic style whilst the navy lining adds colour contrast for optimized practicality.


An Autumn Winter staple, the warm burgundy hue returns, this time in a smooth leather to provide the perfect transition between seasons.


A traditional favourite, this smooth Chocolate brown modernizes the retro coloured bowling bag, and complements the clean cut lines and soft leather found in our bowling bag interpretation.

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