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The Queen and Her Handbag

From public outings to private functions, the Queen always looks composed and regal. While she's often seen in a wide array of different colour coordinating outfits and impressive hats, there is one item we never see her without: her iconic handbag. She may not need to carry it round for functional reasons due to her large entourage of staff, but it has nevertheless become an iconic part of her style during her reign.

Her Handbag of Choice

Throughout the decades, Queen Elizabeth has been pictured at various events with the same style handbag: a Launer Traviata purse. A classic design with a simple clasp closure and sturdy handle, it is thought that Her Majesty has owned over 200 different versions over the years, many of which match her outfits in both colour and detailing. She first started using Launer handbags in the 1960s, and the patent black version is her favourite.

Its Queenly Contents

While her Majesty doesn't have much use for a handbag practically, it is thought that she still carries a few essentials around wherever she goes. These include a compact mirror, lipstick, mints, reading glasses and a pen. On Sundays, she'll carry a £5 or £10 note to church to put in the collection box. However, a lady-in-waiting will usually carry in case of emergencies other items such as spare stockings or gloves.

Regal Rumours

Queen Elizabeth's handbag is used to hold small essentials- but it also serves a further purpose. It is rumoured that she uses it to communicate with her staff when in awkward situations, using signals like switching it from one hand to the other or placing it on the floor. It's a more sophisticated (and queenly) way of escaping difficult scenarios than using a code word or phrase.

The Royal Style

Our wonderful small Dockery Snap Bag in black deep shine croc is the perfect item to help you channel the Queen's chic style. Forming part of our stunning Dockery collection, it's been designed in collaboration with Downton Abbey actress Michelle Dockery who took inspiration from her grandmother's memorable vintage handbags. Beautifully proportioned with enough space for all the necessities, it features a timeless style, a simple snap closure and a gorgeous patent finish. Opt for black like the Queen or mix it up with the soft taupe, rich Bordeaux or majestic monochrome varieties.

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