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Male Lifestyle Bloggers to watch

We've been exploring the photogenic world of the lifestyle blogger and put together a list of our favourite inspirational personalities. From long standing established fashionistas with huge followings, to the up and coming personalities chasing a place in the spotlight, we're always blown away by those who take a passion for all things fashion and make their style into a way of life.

Man About Town |

First on our list of admirable gentleman is Charlie Irons, aka Man About Town. Having only started in 2016, Charlie has quickly established his own vastly popular and forward thinking lifestyle blog after following on from his continued Instagram fame.

Charlie wanted to share more than just snaps from his everyday life and wanted to create a hub for the everyday guy. Offering everything from male grooming and fashion to lifestyle, travel and food, Man About Town has a real interest in the ever-evolving landscape of the modern-day gentleman.

Aspinal Loves - Charlie is always on the move, you'll never know where he'll pop up next on his adventures. (unless you follow him on Twitter)

Elef |

Next on our list is London based blogger and Instagrammer, Elef Vogiatzis. With a passion for photography, he started his journey by showcasing the beauty of London through his iPhone Lens. A few years later, Elef has grown to incorporate a wider variety of topics all relating to a man's lifestyle in London. In his blog, "Elefv", you will find everything a modern gentleman needs to know, from reviews of the hottest restaurants and hotels in the UK to men's grooming tips and must-haves. Of course, fashion also plays a big part of his life, in his newest series "Outfit of the Week" via his blog, Elef is showcasing his current favourite outfits while giving us inspiration for each season.

Aspinal Loves - never shying from a photo opportunity, Elef's keen eye for detail makes for great stylized content.

Carl Thompson |

Carl Thompson begun his journey in men's fashion by launching London shirt makers Hawkins & Shepherd back in 2013 swiftly followed by his Men's Style Blog in 2014 to document his unique style. Carl offers style advice on tailored formal wear as well as casual attire, luxury and high street. Over the years his blog has transformed into an encyclopaedia of everything men's lifestyle and recently invited journalists to join him in this journey creating an online magazine with content that every gentleman needs.

Aspinal Loves - With a fully realised Vlog and YouTube channel, Carl's sleekly edited style videos show go off the beaten track to find unique London locations.

Boy in Breton |

We spoke to Michael recently about his influences for his stylish blog, and what inspires him to share and create great content around all things lifestyle.

"When starting, I wanted it to be more than just a typical 'Outfit of the day' type of blog. My friends, family and colleagues have always commented on my style, valued my input and opinions, and they encouraged me to start up the blog as a way of sharing my knowledge to those who may want it. My mission from day one has been to inspire and inform with my readers on a variety of topics from men's fashion, grooming, travel and interior design.

I studied Fashion Design at college and went on to work for brands such as French Connection, All Saints, Selfridges, Harrods and Levi's. My time at each brand taught me a lot about fabrics, finishes, body shapes and styling - for the past ten years, my career has seen me work as a visual merchandiser, stylist and brand manager. So, I like to think I know a thing or two about both high street and luxury fashion! Oh, and my love of a Breton stripe comes from a very early age. My mother says I have "always been drawn to this pattern" whenever she would allow me to dress myself as a child I would always choose a striped t-shirt. Some things I guess, you never grow out of."

Aspinal Loves - Michael's boyish charm radiates throughout his blog and social channels, it feels personal and we just want to be his friend!

Sam Gray |

"A menswear and lifestyle blog for that twenty-something guy living in the city. Featuring regular outfit posts and general ramblings, Sam Gray is a British blogger currently residing in London and sharing his daily life with his followers. Expect classic styling, seasonal favourites and the occasional homeware and grooming posts. Sam takes inspiration from timeless style icons and mixes staple pieces with modern trends, to create stylish looks for the modern-day guy who wants to take pride in his wardrobe and appearance. Sam also uploads daily pictures to his Instagram -."

Aspinal Loves - One of the best stylised blogs around, with a consistent style and colour palette, Sam's Instagram and blog are immediately distinguishable and capture that quintessential modern urban-chic style.

Jamie Cullen |

Jamie Cullen is a male blogger focused primarily on men's fashion, grooming and lifestyle. Jamie aims to encourage guys to dress in whatever they want, without conforming to a typical "masculine" style. Loud prints, fitted silhouettes and a Cuban heel are all staples within Jamie's wardrobe! Jamie has been blogging for the past year, having seen a real gap in the male blogging market for people who "dressed like him". He wants to encourage young guys to embrace their individuality and not worry about what others think. He has worked with many brands over the past year including Luxury brands such as Coach through to high street brands like Asos showing that you can find amazing clothing on the high street, without it having to be a baggy t-shirt and jeans.

Aspinal Loves - It's one thing to maintain style and finesse, but hair is another. We can only look on in envy at Jamie's incredible locks.

The Visionist |

The Visionist is a talented visionary based in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom. An entrepreneur and a content creator in fashion, interior design and lifestyle. He also has passion in watches with his very own watch brand called Lécimes - a brand that combines minimalism, opulence and timeless style. With his understanding on both sides of businesses - a brand owner and a content creator for brands, he managed to build a loyal community who believes in his work.

Aspinal Loves - There's a difference between wearing trends and setting them, the Visionist is constantly living ahead of the curve. His interior design features are a welcomed insight into a contemporary mind.

Fresh and Fearless |

Fresh and Fearless started as luxury travel and lifestyle blog that was primarily an online diary of what Aftab got up to in London and on his travels. It then grew into an online platform which is read by thousands to find the best travel tips, destination guides and 5-star luxury hotel reviews. Not only that, Fresh and Fearless focuses on many lifestyle areas such as fine dining, grooming and fashion. Fresh and Fearless was commended top 25 travel blogs of 2017 and is in the running for 'Best Travel Blog' at the Bloggers Blog Awards.

"I still find it surreal that so many people regularly read my blog to gain insights on luxury travel and lifestyle content I cover but are also interested in what I think about it too. I get a buzz out of helping others travel and promoting worthy lifestyle brands."

Aspinal Loves - A true jetsetter, Aftab's award-winning blog perfectly blends style and substance. F&F combines the best elements of fashion, travel, food and lifestyle. Its accolades are truly well deserved.

Mr Luke Christian |

"Having trained as a beautician, I have gained many insider tips and widened my knowledge within the Beauty and Male Grooming Industry, which has allowed me to share these tips with my readers. In the two years of blogging, I was a finalist in two categories: Fashion & Beauty and Lifestyle, in the 2016 UK Blog Awards, and have since managed to build up long-lasting relationships with many brands. I feel that my blog has a clean aesthetic, and is regularly updated with many product reviews, lookbooks, lifestyle tips and my time at exclusive events, and I feel incredibly flattered to have been chosen by Aspinal of London as one of their 'Male Lifestyle Blogs to watch'!"

Aspinal Loves - Luke's perfectly composed outfit is only matched by his keen eye for the perfect shot, never afraid to try something new or unusual, his photography really portrays real immersion into his world.

Man For Himself |

Men's style, lifestyle and grooming. Created and edited by Robin James, Man For Himself is a one-stop destination for guys who care about how they look and - more importantly - feel. From hair tutorials, grooming reviews and product recommendations; to seasonal look books and style suggestions; there is something for everyone. Linked to YouTube tutorials (, Man For Himself provides a hands-on approach to modern day living. Why just read about it, when you can watch it. No drama, straight talking!

Aspinal Loves - Robin's YouTube channel shows of his infectious personality, plenty of walkthroughs for style tips and plenty of tongue-in-cheek moments. Check out the brilliant 'Street Styled' series in which Robin stops hapless pedestrians to ask them about their style.


The Rollinson London was founded by Nathan Rollinson as a result of his uncanny knack for spotting photographic opportunities, which lead to his role of full-time blogger, since 2015. Originally from Cambridge, Nathan moved to London where he discovered his passion for the city's gems. He started by hanging out in beautiful hotels, restaurants and shops, snapping pictures of what he was eating and drinking for Instagram as a hobby- just like the rest of us. But this hobby became a reality when Nathan realised that his huge following, a result of his impeccable photography skills, had set him aside from other social media users. Deaf from birth, it seems that his extraordinary observational skills compensate for his lack of hearing.

Aspinal loves - As a young professional, Nathan truly aims to inspire the everyday life of men and women with elevated yet approachable styles through every aspect of their lives; fashion, beauty, interiors, entertainment and travel.

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