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Guest Edit: Lewis Moody

Lewis Moody MBE is down in history as one of England's finest and most charismatic Rugby players - we caught up with the former flanker to talk sport, Christmas and what the New Year will bring...


How did you get into sport?

Matt Foster - a friend - asked me to pop along and join in with his mini rugby team when I was five. I think he probably saw that I needed to release some energy... He was right: I was hooked.

What's been your biggest moment so far?

Without question, winning the Rugby World Cup in 2003. A life changing moment, it was the very pinnacle in our world, so to win the thing was unimaginably awesome!

If you weren't a professional sportsmen, what would you have been?

Actually, I was hoping to join the Royal Marines before rugby turned professional. Their mindset and the physical nature of that job suits me. Fortunately rugby became a career option and I was able to continue doing what I loved - only as an employee.

How has Rugby changed since you first started?

The speed, power and strength of the players has changed beyond recognition. The sport of rugby has become a science of conditioning and nutrition. It was always a very tough game, but the demands on players now are extreme. I don't know how they all keep going!

Describe your perfect Christmas...

A cold frosty day outside, the fire on inside, surrounded by our families, sipping mulled wine and watching the kids open their presents. Followed by the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on TV after an indulgent Christmas dinner.

What Aspinal gift would you want to give a loved one and why?

Classic leather hip flask to my dad to keep him warm during cold winter months watching my boys play mini rugby at Bradford on Avon RFC! Though the Mrs might not enjoy that selection...

Do you have any new years resolutions for 2015?

Yes. We simply aim to make time to see more of the people who we don't see enough off at the moment. We miss their company, so we are determined to spend more time in it!

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