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Guest Edit: Ella Gregory, aka Coco's Tea Party

Ella Gregory, Editor & Founder of Coco's Tea Party talks to us about how the blogging arena has changed and what's her chosen party bag of the season.

You started your blog in 2006 how has social media changed the blogging arena? Instagram and Pinterest have changed things quite dramatically in the last few years. Images are now more important than ever before, so blogs have become more visual. Personally I miss the days when it was more about the words, but it's fun that social media is constantly evolving and new trends continue to emerge.

What Aspinal of London gift would you most like to find under your tree this Christmas? To be honest, I'd be happy with any Aspinal of London gift this Christmas, as I love the current collection. But my two favourite styles are the Brook Street in Grey Nubuck and the Marylebone Tote in Monochrome Saffiano. They're both timeless shapes that will just get better with age.

Describe your perfect Christmas. I'd love to spend Christmas in New York one year. Thanks to movies like A Miracle on 34th Street I have a very romanticised view of Christmas in New York. It would be lovely to take a walk around Central Park after a big Christmas dinner.

Which Aspinal of London bag would be your perfect party bag and why? The Star Clutches are really fun and festive, but because the '60s are such a big trend for AW14 I think the Mayfair Bag would also be a great party companion. The red style would work perfectly alongside a black shift dress.

What is the best part of being a top blogger in the UK? There are so many great things about blogging - it's impossible to pick a favourite. But the highlight this year was getting a tweet from Sarah Jessica Parker. I recreated the outfit she wore in Sex and the City's opening credits for a post and she said I "looked adorable". Naturally I almost fainted.

What Aspinal gift would you want to give to a loved one and why? The 2015 Diaries are really chic, and I love the fact you can get them monogrammed with loved ones' initials. It's a gift that would please just about everyone!

Do you have any new year's resolutions for 2015? I never really make New Year's resolutions, because they just end up getting broken. But hopefully 2015 will bring more incredible opportunities, travel and lots of fabulous fashion!

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