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The Gentleman's Guide to Choosing Cufflinks

Cufflinks have a place in every gentleman's wardrobe. A marker of refined style and a staple of formal attire, they can also sharpen up a professional outfit or add a personal touch to more casual occasion wear. The trick is to find the perfect pair to complement both your outfit and the event. Ensure you make the right choice every time with our definitive guide to choosing cufflinks.

Black or White Tie

If you've RSVP'd to an event with a black or white tie dress code, formality is a must and the fine details really count. For such an occasion, classic and understated is the path to follow. Avoid particularly ornate or detailed cufflinks and instead opt for high quality silver and gold and traditional shapes. The easy elegance of our Double Domed Sterling Silver Cufflinks or the quiet luxury of our Oval Sterling Silver Cufflinks will fit the bill.

Weddings, The Races and Special Events

A step below black tie in the formality stakes, weddings and special events allow room for more personal flair. Use cufflinks to hint at your unique style and underline your outfit with panache. Bolder tones and contemporary forms are certainly on the cards but make sure they're balanced with an air of refinement by tying them into your colour palette. The striking contrasts of both our Faberge Style Cufflinks and our Wave Sterling Silver Cufflinks are ideal for treading the line between polish and statement style.

A Casual Occasion

Whether a family party or a summer gathering, a casual occasion is the perfect time to debut your most playful cufflinks. Worn with a more casual shirt, a blazer and chinos or jeans, they'll add just the right amount of finesse to your outfit, while subtly nodding to your unique style perspective. From our Skull Cufflinks to our Double Buttons Cufflinks, the light-hearted detailing sits perfectly within a more casual context.

The Shirt

The most common shirt option for cufflinks is the French cuff shirt. Featuring the classic double fold back design, they offer a distinctive finish which is particularly suited for formal events. The traditional way to style them is as a 'kissing cuff', whereby the inside of the cuffs meet rather than over lap for a more pronounced silhouette. The second, more understated option is the barrel cuff. Usually secured with buttons, many barrel cuff shirts are convertible by simply snipping off the buttons and placing cufflinks through the holes. Due to their slimmer fit, barrel cuffs appeal for both professional and casual outfits. French cuffs can also be worn barrel style if the occasion calls.

Considering the Colour

Cufflinks can make or break an outfit and a lot of it comes down to colour palette. While your cufflinks certainly don't have to match exactly, particularly if you like your style with a twist, taking a tonal approach will guarantee a sophisticated finish. Our blue Constellation Cufflinks, for example, might look at odds with a black suit but will sit flawlessly next to a navy or grey suit. Equally, our ruby Gemset Cufflinks are ideal for complementing red accents, whether it's a tie or pocket square.

Keeping Your Cufflinks Safe

To keep your cufflinks looking their best, it's important to store them carefully. A soft, suede lined Cufflink Box with a lid with not only protect against scratches but will help prevent tarnishing, which occurs as a natural reaction to oxygen. Take care not to store them in direct sunlight or near sources of heat and make use of separate compartments to avoid scuffs and scratches. When it comes to cleaning your cufflinks, use a soft polishing cloth to restore them to tip top condition.

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