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Monochrome Accessories @ London Fashion Week

At Aspinal we have been keeping our eye on London's most chic and fashionable #LFW attendees. And it seems Londoners are loving Monochrome Accessories as much as we are!

Aspinal's and now London's must-have Marylebone Tote:

Our gorgeous Marylebone Tote will take you stylishly right through Autumn/Winter without a care in the world.

The ever fabulous Zoe Cole was spotted with our gorgeous Marylebone Tote, with hubby Brendan Cole at the Julien Macdonald show (shown at the top of this page).

She tweeted:

'Thanks @AspinalofLondon Never had so many compliments on one possession! Everyone wants a Marylebone tote. Will have to update for Winter'

Monochrome accessories and shoes have also been explored by London's fashionistas...

If you fancy adding the monochrome trend using accessories we've got it covered.

Polka dot pure silk scarf

Aspinal Signature skinny belt

Iris Cuff bracelet

Ladies Flower Umbrella


Ladies first..


Loving her effortless style? Always a big fan of a bit of leather piping detail. But its London Fashion Week- Surely its an excuse to go ALL out and cause some scandal? Or is chic always a fool proof plan?


Along with monochrome our new favourite way to accessorise is to add a bit of neon, whether it's shoes, bags or jewellery.


There is A LOT going on... Some may say too much. What do you think?


This is where facial expressions and posture can really ruin an outfit.. you're at London Fashion Week- SMILE!!


Not sure about the tarpaulin underskirt though..? 'She even looks good in a bin bag' springs to mind. However, come to think of it, could be useful in the rainy weather.

Now the Gents..


Floral print for men? Thoughts?


The 'Short Suit' was very big last season..among the ladies.. is it the blokes' turn?


He's working the monochrome.. or is he? You wouldn't lose him a crowd- always useful at these events... or is it?


If you have pogonophobia (fear of beards) you might want to look away now.. Last year it was moustaches now bushy beards seem to be the new trend for facial hair among men. What are your thoughts?


Stylish? Or policeman in Oliver Twist?

Looking forward to more #LFW street styles.

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