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Best Christmas Films

We recount our all-time favourite Christmas films, from bad Santas to shoot-outs in the snow. Aspinal takes a look at the office favourites.

Christmas films have something of an endearingly shaky reputation, conjuring up images of apple-cheeked brats dropping marbles, poorly animated reindeer and Bing Crosby in a dodgy cardigan. But the best Christmas movies have so much more to offer: in our list you'll find psycho Santas, machine-gun terrorists and a typical rom-com. So this Christmas when you're sitting in front of the fire roasting chestnuts, nogging an egg and eating far too many chocolates - enjoy your cinematic sack full of festive favourites.

Stewart Ireland - Warehouse & Logistics Manager

The Grinch

Without seeing Stewart, it's hard to image why he would identify with the Grinch so easily. But to help you, Stewart loves The Grinch because, "he's a large hairy critter who lives in isolation and dislikes everything. Its... perfect.".

Marco Claveria - Head of Graphic Design

Edward Scissorhands

A strange Christmas film choice from our Head of Graphics; "I love this strangely festive, tragic love story. Plus, I had a real crush on Wynona at the time. Having hands as scissors, how cool would that be. Imagine all the IT/graphic snowflakes you could make in time for Christmas!"

Hannah Davis - Marketing and PR Manager

Love Actually

"I know it's a little predictable but it's such a great film that I watch, without fail, every Christmas. There are so many storylines, it really is a film that everyone can get involved in. Perhaps it's the porn star stand-ins finding a tentative, awkward sort of romance, or Colin Firth's fumbling attempts to woo and women who doesn't speak English. But for me this film is all about Hugh Grant and he wins every scene (I mean THAT DANCE!)."

Helen Plummer - Design Director

Die Hard 1

Another curve ball from our Design Director - Poor ol' Bruce Willis was hoping for a quiet Christmas but Alan Rickman has other ideas...

"Well lets see....It hits the perfect balance where bad, is not bad, it's bad bad which means it's good? Then there's the essential comedy villain, muscles and an inevitable happy ending, perfect.... :)"

Andrew Gordon - Corporate Director

Bad Santa

'You wanna see some magic? Here, let's watch you disappear.' Billy Bob Thornton's drunk, grouchy, thieving store Santa is the perfect antidote to saccharine Christmas movies, while sneaking in a bit of heart behind the humor and crime comedy thrills.

"I nominate Bad Santa- a powerful moving film that explores the man behind the beard."

Lee Brazil - Merchandising Manager

Nightmare Before Christmas

Sometimes better known as a Halloween film, the wonderful thing about this stop-motion classic, is that you can legitimately watch it any time from Halloween on, which enables you to cope with those early Christmas cravings (it can't be just us, right?). What's more, as Pumpkin King Jack Skellington learns about Christmas, Henry Selick and Tim Burton manage to both undermine all the cutesiness and underline the bits of Christmas that really matter - like the bit where your toys don't bite you or turn into snakes. That bit's really important.

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