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Six dream destinations to bring in the New Year

You can be spoilt for choice on New Year's Eve, and it can be hard to know what to do. House parties and nights out with friends are always a favourite, but for a truly unforgettable way to bring in the new year, you might decide to venture further afield.

You might have already made your plans for this year, but there's no harm in planning for the next one. If you've got some space on your bucket list, from Amsterdam to New York, here are our favourite spots to bring in the new year with a bang!

Go Dutch

Amsterdam's leaning houses and its compact city centre lend itself to discovery. You can quickly find yourself wandering in circles and down dead ends, seeking the perfect Instagram shot. The locals love having a good time, and you'll discover well-organised parties everywhere. Dam Square, Rembrandtplein, Leidseplein and the Rijksmuseum all have huge parties on New Year's Eve. Often, the best vantage points for the firework displays are on city's many bridges, where you'll able to take in the lively atmosphere.

Experience Saint Silvester’s Day in Berlin

Berlin never sleeps. Minus the fireworks, New Year's Eve could well seem like any other day here. The entire city floods out onto the streets before midnight. The centrepiece, 'the party mile', is almost two miles of bars, food stalls, video screens, stages and international DJs, all entertaining the masses gathered along the area between Victory Column and the Brandenburg Gate.

Spend an Evening on Table Mountain

Fancy the Southern Hemisphere? Cape Town offers the chance to tear away from the winter blues and celebrate the new year during the height of summer. Expect partying and hedonism, however, set up for a midnight picnic atop Table Mountain and you'll have a new year - and views of the city below - to die for.

Be Celebrating when Big Ben Chimes

The chimes of Big Ben are broadcast across the UK come midnight, yet being within earshot is an entirely different experience. With London's packed streets and bustling bars, you'll soon be swept up in the party atmosphere. There are plenty of excellent vantage points along the Thames to witness the spectacular extravaganza, with after parties going on well into 2018.

Go Big in the Big Apple

There's no denying that the Big Apple holds a certain esteem for its New Year's Eve celebrations. As the 12-foot-wide 'Times Square Ball' crystal ball drops in Times Square, the five boroughs come alive with celebration. While there's the 5-star treatment in Manhattan, you'll also find unique experiences all over the city. Midnight boat rides on the Hudson and vantage points in Brooklyn are ideal for making the most of the spectacular vistas of New York's iconic skyline.

A Night on Sydney’s Water

When you think of iconic, the silhouette of the Sydney Opera House is right up there on the list. As midnight approaches, boats fill the famous harbour. You can even hire one yourself and start the celebrations early, perhaps with a couple bottles of champagne. Why not book yourself an outdoor dinner reservation on the waterfront and get an uninterrupted view of one of the most spectacular firework displays anywhere on the planet?

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