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How to Keep Up with your New Year Promises

If your New Year's resolutions haven't gone out of the window yet, you're doing much better than most. But If you've already fallen off the proverbial horse, it's never too late to reignite your motivation.

No matter if your resolutions were to complete dry January, to do more exercise, achieve better sleep, eat a better diet, new job or just being more positive - any self-improvement will make you feel a world of good.

Goals. Goals. Goals. Keep them in mind, and you'll achieve them soon than you might think.

Everything in moderation

Time and patience is the best cure for bad habits and ailments and, while we know we want the best for ourselves, don't be afraid to tackle just one thing at a time.

Be realistic. Working on three, four or five promises means that you're more likely to crumble under pressure. If you focus your efforts on just one at a time, it'll get even easier to box them off - there'll be no stopping you.

Make it interesting with a buddy

Vocalising your goals and working towards them with a friend is a great way of achieving them together. And there's nothing more motivational than a little competition. Whoever caves first has to perform a forfeit - perhaps the first to cave in has to take the other out for dinner?

If you win, that's no excuse to stop. After all, your goals should be long-term, so get your buddy back on side and continue to achieve them together.

Try and mix it up

January can be a slow month and the mind can start to wonder, making goals harder to achieve.

If the gym is getting boring, you need to shake it up. Get some new tunes on your iPod, take up a different class, rotate gym buddies or try to get there at different times of the day.

The same goes for your diet; are you getting bored and noticing your sweet tooth all too much? Try new ingredients, or start working from a cookbook. There's inspiration everywhere if you look for it.

Doing even the smallest thing to keep your day more interesting will help you shake those old habits. Before long it'll be easy to keep those promises.

What do you have to lose?

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