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How to create great flower displays to decorate for your summer table

If you're passionate about getting your garden party just right, you'll know the attention's really in the detail. From getting the cocktails and canapés spot on, to setting the perfect tone with ambient lighting and chilled out tunes, it's always worth going the extra mile to impress your guests.

If you're a perfectionist like us, you'll want everything looking just right. One way to ramp up the aesthetic on your next summer garden get-together is to arrange some cute botanical and floral displays for each table. To help you get them right, we've teamed up with bouquet delivery service Bloomon, who are experts when it comes to putting together the perfect bunch. They've given us a quick and easy six-step guide that'll be of help to any amateur arranger, as well as some top tips on keeping your flowers looking healthy and happy.

1. When creating a display make sure you stay seasonal with the blooms. We get inspiration from nature around us including gardens and surrounding parks.

2. At a garden party make sure that the flower arrangement isn't too large, they should complement the table, you don't want people to be blocked by a large vase and be unable to talk to those across the table. Maybe look at making mini vases spread across the table rather than large oversized vases.

3. Don't make your arrangement too fussy - we create a minimal look by removing the foliage so that the water and your vase is clear.

4. Work with the flowers and the shapes they create. This gives a more natural feel to your flowers.

5. Be aware of scents especially with food.

6. Your flowers don't have to "match" perfectly, at bloomon we celebrate colour + texture and try to use flowers in our bouquets which you might not have seen before. They are always a great conversation starter at a dinner party.

The basics of flower care – how to keep your flowers happy and healthy!

1. Change the water every three days, clean out your vase with bleach and put a drop of bleach in the water (it will kill any bacteria)

2. When changing the water cut the stems on an angle using a clean and sharp knife. Cut woody stems vertically up the stem too so more water goes to the head

3. Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight, away from radiators and heat

4. Keep the flowers away from fruit bowl as fruit gives off ethylene gas, which will make the flowers, deteriorate faster

5. Use shallow water to stop the deterioration of soft stems

6. Make sure no foliage or leaves are dipped in water, as this will cause the flowers to go bad quicker.

7. Always take flowers out of their packaging straight away, cut the stems and place them in fresh water.

With these simple steps and your expert attention to detail, there'll be plenty of botanical beauty to wow your guests at your next summer garden party.

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