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Aspinal's Guide to Staying Cool and Collected in the Summer Months

For those lucky enough to still be enjoying a true British summer, staying cool can be troublesome at times, especially between work and getting about. Cities can seem unusually humid with the sun's rays bouncing off glass and steel skyscrapers, while rural areas can seem incredibly dry after a few days in the sun, it's so important to be prepared. Here are our tips for keeping cool day and night this summer.


It almost goes without saying, when it's warm routinely taking extra water on board will not only make you feel cooler, it's great for your health too.

Wear Cotton

Cotton clothing is king when things start heating up. It's a great natural material that controls moisture, is very comfortable and it's so breathable that your clothes and skin will feel fresh all day.

Go for Lighter Sheets

Simply dressing your bed with thinner fabrics goes a long way. Duvets with a lower tog are meant for summer, 1.5 to 4.5 tog are perfect for those stuffy summer nights. For a bonus change out synthetic fabrics for those with higher cotton contents as these are exceptionally breathable. Those looking to go the every further can put their sheets in the freezer for 5 minutes before bed for an extra burst of freshness before bed. Letting you get to sleep soundly no matter the temperature.

Switch up that Diet

Hot weather is a great chance to embrace a varied diet, avoiding heavier foods will stop you from feeling drowsy. Stepping away from the hot stove and preparing meals that are lighter like salads and easy to prepare wraps, make for a refreshing change for the palette. Don't be afraid to shy away from spicy foods either, it might seem like the last thing you want to eat when the sun is beating down, yet spicy foods stimulate heat receptors in the body, enhancing circulation which will in turn tell the body to cool itself down.

Herbal Remedies

There's an array of herbal options that many swear by for cooling down in the summer heat. Body washes that include mint are an obvious yet effective cooling agent for the morning and evening. Mint teas are also effective, incorporating lemongrass into your diet is perfect for combatting rising body temperatures. Aloe vera gel is another fantastic cooling agent, applying directly to the skin is soothing and fantastic for maintaining your natural body temperature.

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