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Aspinal’s Guide to Gift Wrapping

The Christmas countdown has begun and gift buying is under way. Once you have found the perfect gift, the next challenge is wrapping it. Presents should be a joy to wrap up, not a burden, so follow our guide to creating beautifully wrapped gifts simply and tastefully.

Take Inspiration from Japan

Many of us are guilty of haphazardly cutting paper, only to have to correct it with extra folds and reams of tape- but the process can be made infinitely simpler. The key is to start by laying your box diagonally on the paper. This unique method, used in Japanese department stores, results in crisp edges and sharp folds and is incredibly simple once you know how. After just a few practices, it can take as little as ten seconds to produce pristine gift wrapping.

Use Double Sided Tape

Nothing looks quite as professional as perfectly folded, tape-free edges. Instead of spoiling those neat lines with shiny cellotape, secure your folds underneath with double sided tape. It also means you can discreetly tape as you go for a tidier, more polished finish.

Create a Colour Scheme

A cohesive colour scheme will instantly add a professional touch to your wrapping. Experiment with a departure from classic red and green, and instead opt for rich tones of navy, gold, black, purple and even unexpected lighter shades of mint, yellow and powder blue. Stick to a maximum of three key colours to capture the sleek appeal of luxury gift wrap.

Add the Finishing Touch

No matter how beautiful the wrapping paper, the finishing touches are what elevate every gift wrap and they need not be complicated. A sprig of evergreen or holly tucked into a ribbon looks charmingly rustic, and is ideal if your style is not perfectly pristine. If you want to attempt a more polished finish, thread one - or a trio of - miniature bells onto your length of ribbon and secure with a bow. For such a simple trick, the result is surprisingly sophisticated. And, of course, never forget the gift tags.

Aspinal Gift Wrap

All Aspinal gifts come with the option of a luxury gift wrapping service, so your carefully chosen present will arrive ready to display under the tree. Presented in a beautiful gift bag or box and graced with the Aspinal logo, a signature ribbon bow adds a suitably sumptuous touch.

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