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Aspinal’s Guide to Dressing Like a Lady

The idea of a lady may have shifted with the 21st Century, but the etiquette that comes with it is firmly rooted in tradition with elegance, refinement and poise high on the list. When we think of a lady, a classic vision springs to mind however with a modern twist, ladylike style is easily translated to your day-to-day wardrobe. Follow our tips to perfect the art of dressing like a lady.


A lady's focus is always on style over trends. Neat jackets, crisps shirts and elegant tailoring are stalwarts of refined style. Create a concise capsule wardrobe of meaningful pieces to master timeless chic. Whether you are dressing for work, the weekend or an occasion, simple, high quality separates will set a stylish tone. Consider a fluid blouse tucked into a tailored skirt or a cashmere sweater paired with tapered trousers. Heels are definitively feminine, however flat loafers or brogues offer a modern, yet equally polished, perspective. When building your look, opt for harmonising tones and, when in doubt, sharpen your look with a tailored jacket.

Hair and Beauty

The modern lady is understated in her approach to hair and beauty. Effortlessly groomed is the look to aim for. Sidestep overly bold make-up in favour of fresh skin and a subtle flash of colour. Follow the eyes or lips rule: a wash of eyeshadow or a flick of eyeliner should be paired with nude lips, while a bolder red or pink lip looks best with a simple coat of mascara and a neutral shadow.

When it comes to hair, a weekly blow dry will keep loose tresses looking sleek. When the occasion calls for it, a chignon bun is the embodiment of a modern, elegant up do.


Where accessories are concerned, the classic 'less is more' adage applies. One or two key accessories will complement your outfit, rather than jar against it. A single teardrop pendant will frame an open neckline, whereas a delicate cuff will draw attention to cropped sleeves. Let your outfit dictate your jewellery.

Of course, the handbag is the ultimate lady's accessory and should never be an afterthought. Structured silhouettes will echo tailored cuts and enhance a polished ensemble. For everyday wear, timeless hues of black, navy and tan will infuse an air of easy sophistication. A flash of colour or an unexpected detail is not out of bounds, however. Infuse your unique style with a playful trim or a pop of pastel. Just be sure to choose only one stand-out piece and temper the look with muted tones and clean lines throughout the rest of your outfit.

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