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Aspinal's guide on how to clean and care for your leather bags and accessories in winter

Leather is renowned for its hard-wearing and robust qualities, but a little extra care goes a long way in keeping your most prized bags and accessories in top condition. During the winter months in particular, rain, snow and changing temperatures can affect the quality and appearance of leather. Follow our essential care tips for beautiful quality year after year:

General Care

It is always good practice to show your leather accessories some TLC regardless of the weather. Every one to two months, apply a layer of hide cream or leather conditioner using a soft cloth to protect and nourish the hide. Work in small circles and make sure to test the product on a small, inconspicuous patch beforehand.

Keep your leather dry

It is best to keep your leather completely dry, but if you happen to get caught out in a shower or a snow flurry, simply wipe your bag with a dry, clean cloth as soon as possible and allow it to dry naturally at room temperature. Do not be tempted to dry it on a radiator or next to a window in direct sunlight as this can cause damage and fading.


If you are attending a festive party, sidestep the possibility of scratching your handbag or clutch by avoiding sharp rings or bangles. Also, always use our protective felt dust bags for storage. Small scuffs can be taken care of with by gently buffing the area with Vaseline or oil but always test on a discreet area beforehand.

Extreme Temperatures

Leather is very durable, however be mindful about exposure to extreme temperatures. Both freezing and very high temperatures can dry out and potentially crack leather. Store your bags, belts, and accessories at room temperature and avoid exposing them to artificial heat from radiators and hair dryers.

Know Your Leather

Knowing your leather is important in treating it correctly. Nubuck, suede, polished and high shine leather are just a few of the leather types and finishes our expert craftspeople work with. While nubuck should be brushed for instance, high shine finishes should be wiped gently with a soft cloth to avoid scratches. By appreciating the unique characteristics of the leather, it will age beautifully and truly last a lifetime - even in a cold British winter.

Read our Ultimate Guide to Leather Care to ensure your most treasured Aspinal products continue to look beautiful for years to come, no matter what the season.

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