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Aspinal at Work: Gurj Sohanpal

For the third instalment of the Aspinal at Work series, we sat down with Gurj Sohanpal - the man behind successful blog Singh Gentry - to talk about motivation, style and what he keeps in his bag.

What is a typical working day for you?

I work in investment banking as a Project Manager, focusing on improving the overall data quality of the bank's reference data. A typical day for me involves prioritisation meetings, project planning and engaging with stakeholders - both internally and externally. When I'm not in meetings, I'll be analysing data where our stakeholders have queries.

Which items do you always keep in your bag?

In my bag there's always my Aspinal of London pen, charger, power bank and, given that I essentially have two careers, a notebook weekly planner to keep me organised and on top of my schedule. One item that also finds its way into my bag is my camera - you never know when you might need to capture those perfect moments!

What motivates you?

I'm motivated by the constant belief that with hard work, persistence, passion and ability to adapt, you can become incredibly successful. Having a career in investment banking and being an influencer, I gain a unique perspective of two very different industries. The creative side has me mingling with some of the most inspiring individuals, which motivates me to continue evolving and applying the lessons learnt from both of the industries I work in.

What is your 'pick from the Aspinal product selection and why?

My pick is the Aerodrome 24 Hour Mission Bag in Dark Brown Pebble colour. The collaborative efforts between Aspinal of London and David Gandy are so noticeable through the whole Aerodrome collection, with quality craftsmanship meeting a gentleman style.

The Aerodrome 24 Hour Mission Bag is the perfect size for a business bag, giving that little bit of extra space without going into the territory of a weekender bag. It's aesthetically very pleasing and practically meets my needs of getting a bit extra in my bag on a day-to-day basis. I'm a firm believer of looking the part, and Aspinal of London provide that sophistication and elegant luxury that every man should strive for.

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