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Every girls bag is a complete mystery. Most of the time our bags contain the unthinkable, you know just in case we happen to need a pair of socks, a toothpick or even eyelash glue, it's probably at the bottom of our bags. Here , Abbie from Blush and Noise fills us in on her new found love for using smaller bags to condense the number of unnecessary items she carries around with her on a daily basis.

Last week I was living the high life at the British Style Collective in Liverpool. A city-wide fashion takeover, which was probably the most anticipated event of the year here in Liverpool. Here's the 'essentials' that I packed with me. Simple, condensed, with no receipts from 5 months ago in sight.

What’s in my Aspinal of London Soho Clutch?

iPhone 7 Plus

Is it actually possible for a blogger to be without their phone? Because I highly doubt it. For events, as important as this, my phone is glued to my hand as sharing what I'm up to is one of my main priorities - Obviously as well as enjoying the amazing opportunity itself. With the amazing phone case designs that are around these days, it's almost as though mobile phones are becoming the next best fashion accessory and with a snazzy case like mine, I really cannot argue with that statement.

Coin Purse with Cards

This coin purse from Radley is genuinely the handiest item ever. I usually have coins lining the darkest depths of my bag, never to be used, only heard. However, this coin purse fits everything in it, my cards, receipts and coins. So all of those annoying, yet relevant bits and bobs have a place in my bag. My handy bag within my bag, bagception?


I'm a girl who loves her food, so topping up my lipstick is a constant battle. No matter how long lasting the lipstick may be, nothing becomes between food and I. When I know I'm going to be out and about all day, I make sure that I wear a neutral lipstick, as I'm all but familiar with having lipstick on my tip or around my face, so If it's more of a neutral colour, at least it's easier to wipe off!


When I'm out all day, I feel completely lost without a powder compact to sort out my oily skin. The Ambient Lighting Powders from Hourglass are amazing powders to top up your makeup throughout the day. The powder is so finely milled and feels like nothing on the skin, so you're not graced by the horror of having your makeup looking cakey.

Press Pass

My press pass was the one thing that I couldn't afford to forget. I needed it to get around and well, get into the various shows and events. So of course, it's an essential and it made me feel important for a change!


I like to consider myself as somewhat of a Monica Geller. I'm partial to a bit of organisation. So, the weekend schedule was another item glued to my hands. As the weekend was all about experiencing the shows in various venues around Liverpool, it was important to keep on top of everything and ensure that I didn't miss anything that I wanted to see!

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