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Guest Edit: The Rugby Special

As a traditional British sport, we're huge fans of Rugby here at Aspinal. We've asked England player Ugo Monye and British Rugby alumni Matt Dawson and Austin Healey what they love about their Aspinal bags and the brand.

Matt Dawson

Why do you love your Aspinal bag? I like my accessories to look the part but also deliver usability. My Aspinal bag looks slick, and I can cram everything I need into it and get going. I love it.

What do you use it for? I take it to work with my iPad and laptop in it, as well as the bundles of notes that we need to prepare for rugby commentary and broadcasting. It also works as an overnight bag which, with my schedule, means it gets used an awful lot.

What do you like about Aspinal? It's a classy brand. The products look premium and aren't unnecessarily busy. Simple, top quality gear is a winning formula.

Austin Healey

Why do you love your Aspinal bag? I love it because I can ram it full of stuff and take it to work, or I can declutter it and use it as a perfect accessory for smarter engagements. It does everything I want a bag to do, and the quality is outstanding. Also, my wife loves them and if she's happy, I'm happy!

What do you use it for? I use it for nights away with work and even for holidays. It might be a premium product, but it's there to be used! A luxury man bag has become an essential part of my travelling kit.

What do you like about Aspinal? As an Englishman and a keen consumer of high quality items, the whole brand appeals to me. Aspinal products are unmistakably upmarket, but always understated. A winning combination.

Ugo Monye

Why do you love your Aspinal bag? I love it because I like things that look the part but deliver on quality too. This bag ticks every box and the quality is unbelievable.

What do you use it for? I travel a lot, both with work and for fun, so this bag comes everywhere. It goes to rugby grounds as well as to sunnier climes!

What do you like about Aspinal? I like a brand that doesn't shout too loudly, but lets sheer quality do the talking. My bag is beautiful. So beautiful that I might have to get another one!

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