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The Guest Edit - Sophie Goodwin, Style Editor of Tatler

Discover Sophie's favourite pieces, including a monopoly board and our truly luxurious cashmere scarves

1. Sterling silver bookmark for my sister Charlotte. Nothing more irritating that folding over pages in a brand new book.

2. Collar stiffeners for my brother in law, Jamie, to help him get a promotion.

3. Lizard fountain pen in purple for my Tatler colleague Gerri Gallagher. She is as good as family- we are forever writing adoring notes and leaving them on each others desks.

4. Can I give a present to myself? If so the black and red photo and receipt folder for my top drawer so I don't keep messing up expenses.

5. Navy Lizard cosmetic case for mummy, my parents are always hopping to and from their house in Spain. At least her cosmetics will always be safe.

6. Luxury Monopoly board for my father, he is insanely competitive and we like to indulge him on Christmas day.

7. Cashmere scarf in grey for my other sister Claire- she (like me) is obsessed with grey…and cashmere... so this is win win. And I can steal it.

8. Fur cuffed black gloves for my god mother, Sandra, one of the chicest people I know.

9. Weekend travel bag in navy canvas for my bother in law Simon, he has to travel to quite grotty places for work so this will make him feel posh.

10. Another one for mummy to keep her sweet - red lizard Mayfair bag.

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