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The Guest Edit - Samantha Barks

As me and my family get older everyone's lives get busier. My brother and his family have now moved to Hong Kong, my sister is moving into her new home and I never seem to settle in one part of the world for more than a month! So when we all get to be together we are all so grateful, which is why I love Christmas.

Christmas for me is getting to spend quality time with my family and loved ones and I don't take a single second for granted! Nowhere to go, nowhere to be! Just be warm, stay inside, eat nice food, be with the people you love.

I couldn't ask for more.

- Samantha Barks, Actress

1. My top pick would have to be the "candy case collection". I spend most of my time travelling at the moment so this would be a dream of a gift for me because I pretty much live out of my suitcase at the moment and if you are going to live out of a suitcase it doesn't hurt that it's a very pretty one!

2. A gift I would like to give to my sister would be the "mount street bag" in chocolate brown! She is a teacher and I think this would be not only practical for her laptop but she would look like one chic 'Miss Barks' with this on her shoulder!! She reminds me of Miss Honey in Matilda - she is a great teacher.

3. I am always intrigued about where people see themselves in the future. I remember conversations with friends 5 years ago trying to picture where we would be and it's so interesting for me to see which different paths we have taken! For this reason I would choose the lockable 5 year diary and I would get one for me and one for my best pals and say, ok... The sky is the limit, write away...

4. My mum always appreciates a good bag when she sees one, and one of my very favourite Aspinal bags is the monochrome Hepburn bag, but I think if it was for mum I would go for it in the red lizard because she looks really beautiful in bright colours!!

5. Last on my Christmas List would be the classic vanity case. I am currently doing up my room and trying to get organised and that would look beautiful! At least if my jewellery was organised it might distract the eye from the rest of the unorganised chaos in my room!!!

"I will be heading to Aspinal of London for Christmas shopping because I think you can get really personal gifts for people! I love how you can get peoples names or initials engraved, I think that adds a really personal feel to an already beautiful gift!"

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