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Summer flowers with Floom

We invited Floom, our favourite online destination for fresh, seasonal flowers to tell us about some of the blooms they're obsessing over this summer.

Hi, we're Floom! All of our bouquets are a celebration of local, artisanal florists and the fresh flowers they discover at early-morning markets each week. That fresh approach means that we're always thrilled by the changing seasons, and the different blooms that pop up over the year. Below are some of our absolute favourites for the summer months.

White Cosmos

The cosmos was, according to the lifestyle section of a certain UK broadsheet newspaper at least, the flower of 2016. Quite what this means in real terms we're unsure… what we do know is that it's now 2017 and we're still quite enamoured of them, particularly in their brilliant white variation. Sometimes you just need to cut through the hype, and we feel pretty confident saying our love for these cosmos will stick around much longer than the trend for pristine white Adidas Stan Smiths (as much as we currently live in those!).

Sweet Pea

How about that scent, then? When you're constantly surrounded by amazing bouquets, as we're lucky enough to be most days at Floom HQ, anything with a great smell is enough to jolt us out of our work-daze and into flower-obsessing mode all over again. The dainty sweet pea has to be a contender for greatest floral scent out there.

Flowers that you can literally enjoy with your eyes closed: is it any wonder that these fragrant beauties have come to symbolise sheer pleasure and bliss?

Oriental Poppies

Poppies have been symbols of eternal sleep since the time of the ancient Greeks, thanks to the narcotic qualities of the famous great scarlet poppy. As much as we're fans of The Wizard of Oz however, and the sensual, technicolour overload that fills the screen as Dorothy drifts off amongst a field of brightest red, we're actually rather more fond of its cousin, the less risqué oriental poppy. This variety is native mainly to northeastern Turkey and northern Iran and what it lacks in opiate qualities, it more than makes up for with it's vibrant colours: from clean white with aubergine-black blotches to salmon pinks and deep maroons, they make a brassy centerpiece for any bouquet.

Head over to to find and send their latest bouquets, many of which feature the above blooms!

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