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One of the exiting things in my job is to travel to our factories and meet with sample makers. Last week I had a short trip to one of our factories in Ubrique, Spain where most of our handbags are made.

I always try to spare a few hours to do some sight-seeing when I travel as I love to explore and do new things. This time I was lucky to be in Seville for half a day so I had lots of fun searching for vintage shops and getting inspiration for new products.

One of my favourite places in Seville is the Seville Cathedral. Without a doubt one of the most impressive pieces of architecture I have seen, the cathedral did have the title of the largest cathedral in the world, for nearly a thousand years. Today, it is the third-largest church in the world, as well as the largest Gothic church. I'm particularly a fan of Seville as it reminds me of my mother city, Lviv in Ukraine.

On the second day of my trip I visited the factory in a very Spanish sunny Ubrique, with a beautiful view of the mountains. On my factory visits I'm always fascinated to see how our products are made as it's such a detailed and time consuming process. The workers have to be absolutely focused, patient and very skilled.

I was really excited to see on this visit all our Pegasus backpacks being finished and I had to take one home with me. After all day at the factory, I was tired but extremely happy to be flying my Pegasus back home to the UK.

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