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Guest Edit: Tess Ward

We're delighted to have had the chance to talk to stylish chef Tess Ward, editor of The Yes Chef who runs a number of cooking classes in London and is about to release her cookbook. We were able to ask Tess about her food inspirations, favourite places for food, and her style choices while cooking.

What made you fall in love with cooking?

I fell in love with cooking sort of by accident. I got very ill when I was travelling in India and had to learn to cook in order to manage my symptoms. I noticed that unprocessed, healthy cooking made a big difference to my bodies ability to heal and work properly and it's a truth and passion I have been sharing ever since.

Do you have a favourite recipe to bring out for friends/family?

I often cook Moroccan inspired dishes for friends like spiced lamb meatballs with rhubarb (the recipe is in my cookbook, released in April 2015) to serve with warm grain-based salads, failing that I would go for a classic roast chicken, or in winter a punchy, fresh thai curry or warming cassoulet.

Is there a particular outfit you wear when preparing food?

Never white. Ideally something patterned or black. Truthfully, I never wear an apron, but I really should! I'm great at getting food all over myself.

What and where is your favourite restaurant to eat at?

I have a number of favourites. Yashin Sushi Bar off Kensington High Street is serene and wonderful. I also like The Dairy in Clapham. For a quick bite when I'm in town I will go to Flatplanet in Oxford Circus.

Where do you gain inspiration from for your recipes?

I find my inspirations come from a number of places. Often dishes I have when I'm out. As far as chefs go, I have a long standing love for the food of Elizabeth David, Sam and Sam Clark and Heidi Swanson

Where's your favourite place to travel for good food?


What's your favourite item from the Aspinal AW14 Collection and why?

I love the Saddle Bag. I find them useful and practical. Just big enough to fit the essentials and my little Lumix camera, which I take on reviews with me.

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