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Guest Edit: Ryan Young, Elite Model Scout

How did you begin your career as a Model scout?

It actually all began on social media and then snowballed from there, and now here I am!

Is there anything you will be looking for in particular?

I'm not so strict on height when I scout as it can depend on the girls or boys age, but the main thing I look at is the physics of the persons face, how their eyes or lips sit on their face, then comes the personality, it's important to have a personality and a voice to help you get to the next level.

What is your favourite fashion city and why? (NY, London, Milan or Paris)

Milan is my favourite fashion city for designers, as my favourite designers showcase there. London is definitely my favourite in terms of street style, I don't know what it is about the city but everyone is just on point when it comes to personal street style, words that spring to mind are daring...

What is your typical day like?

My typical day usually involves walking & waiting around, it can be somewhere as simple as sitting on a bench near a busy park, walking around shopping centres or hanging about gigs! I have notice that I find the best people when I am least focused, for example my latest discovery I found while listening to some music walking home one afternoon, I guess I'm always on the hunt!

What is your favourite Aspinal piece?

My favourite Aspinal piece has to be the Harrison Overnight Business Bag as I love the smaller pockets it has; it's both very practical and modern which is what I always look for in clothes & accessories.

How do you define style?

To me style can be based on several things, such as conforming to current trends, taking risks, and most importantly feeling totally comfortable in what you are wearing no matter what it is or whether it's 'in season' or not.

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