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Miria Harris is the fantastic lady behind our floral garden at our SS'16 Press Day. Here she takes us through her inspiration behind the concept and more...

What do you like about Aspinal of London?

There are aspects to my job where appropriate clothes are definitely not glamorous. Out on a garden construction site in the wind and the rain or early mornings in new covent garden market for instance. A beautiful leather bag, made so well it gets better with wear and age, is my one concession to luxury at these times. What's great about Aspinal of London is that it's a company that understands this, making bags that intersect with fashion, while standing the test of time.

Where did you find your inspiration or style for the plant and flower displays for our SS’16 Press Day?

Being a landscape designer that also does does floristry design rather than solely a florist, I sometimes find it quite hard to get my head round the transient and disposable aspect of working with cut flowers. Inspired by the English Garden theme of the Aspinal's SS16 collection and their parallel campaign to support saving the English Honey Bee, I decided that instead of creating the impression of a garden with cut flowers, that I would make the displays out of plants, using the same principles of design that I would if I was planting a garden. I really liked the idea that as a result, our perspective would be akin to looking down onto a landscape, as if we are bees hovering over a garden of delight. And the best bit, is that after the press day is over, all the plants will go back to Aspinal of London's head office and be planted as their own garden.

Can you please describe the decoration/theme?

Because I made the decision to focus mainly on plants, the displays are very seasonal, literally dictated by what is flowering in an English garden right now. Colour wise, there is a nod to the bees again, with a predominance of yellow. Rudbekias in particular, of which there are many in the displays, always make me think of bees with their bright yellow petals and black oxeye centres.

What is your favourite part of the display?

The door frames to the marquee, they set the tone for all the wonderful elements that unfold inside.

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