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Guest Edit: Lawren Sample, Stylist

Stylist to the stars, Lawren Sample gives us an insight into her most interesting clients, her pinch-me moments and how she got to where she is now.

How did you get into styling? I always knew I was going to be in fashion. At a young age I was reading fashion magazines and trying to emulate the looks, but found it hard with no major department stores and barely anywhere to shop.

I got into styling when I was 17yrs old, my next door neighbor had moved to Hollywood and had become a director. He decided to shoot one of his films in our southern hometown. My father walked next door and asked his parents if I could help in the Costume department. My neighbour asked if I wanted to PA for the Costume Designer. I agreed. On set, I immediately fell in love with the job. I moved to Los Angeles that year and have been styling ever since.

Who has been your most interesting client to dress? Wow, as far as most interesting, I would love to say it's someone that is diverse, not just someone who is looking for trends. I had a great time dressing Perry Ferrell from Jane's Addiction. We had a blast making costumes. I've also been working with Christina Hendricks for seven amazing years. To me, she is the essence of Old Hollywood Glam and timeless style.

If you could choose any city, which would be your favourite fashion capital? I am a lover of Paris over the Holidays. I love to see women bundled up in their furs with hats, gloves, and beautiful boots. It may be freezing, but it is always chic. I love when women and men take risks and try something new, go out of their way to look good and I feel like Paris brings it out in most - don't get me wrong I said most.

What's your must-have Aspinal item/bag? My must have Aspinal items are The Letterbox Rucksack in Smooth Berry for my days, and the Star Clutch in Black Glitter for my nights.

Where/who do you get your inspiration from? I get my inspiration from the streets, as well as everything that surrounds me: art, architecture, nature, music, films. I get so inspired watching Auntie Mame, Charade, and The Philadelphia Story. These films are my muses.

Have you had any pinch-me moments? My to date pinch me moments:

1. Meeting my amazing husband Jesse

2. Giving birth to my beautiful baby girl, Woodley Wilder

3. Dinner with Mick Jagger

4. McDonalds and Nobu on the Sony Pictures jet flying to Paris with Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore

5. Being called out on stage in Singapore in front over over a million screaming fans to fix one of Mariah Carey's shoes!

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