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Guest Edit: George Meyrick, British Polo Player

With the Cowdray Gold Cup Final just a few days away, we speak to British Polo Player, George Meyrick about being a third generation Polo Player and where you'll find him on his rare days off.

How did you get started in polo?

Through the Pony Club - but polo was in the family as my father and grandfather both played.

What do you enjoy about polo?

Polo encompasses so much - the horses, speed, ball skills, team game and tactics. It's the mixture of all of those that makes it so exciting.

Career Highlight?

This season - winning the Royal Windsor at Guards a couple of weeks ago.

Your guilty pleasure?

Eating sushi at Nobu.

Where do you spend your down time?

On the farm.

Career Plan B?

Something in the art world.

How do you switch off?

I find it very hard to switch off during the season - I only really relax on holiday. But a good film or good book helps.

What’s top of your Aspinal wish list?

I spend half my time travelling, so it would have to be one of the leather travel bags. They are incredibly elegant and the quality of the leather means they will look just as good even with all the wear and tear.

How would you describe your personal style?

I love the best quality materials as they are the most comfortable - which to me is more important than anything. But most of the time I'm in dirty white jeans.

What would your last meal on earth be?

A long one - with a lot of courses ….

Do you have a secret skill?

You'll have to ask my girlfriend!

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