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Guest Edit: David Flatman's Father's Day Special

Aspinal favourite David Flatman speaks to us about his ideal Father's Day and the best advice his dad gave him.

What does you ideal Father’s Day look like?

I don't need much on Father's Day - cards and presents aren't really necessary.

Mostly I like to have a clear diary, to leave my phone upstairs, and to chill with my family. I love to walk my dogs in the fields outside Bath, though my kids never want to come. They'll learn!

Feed me, bring me the odd espresso, bribe the kids to cuddle me, and I'm happy.

What advice would you give any new fathers?

Do as much of the primary care stuff as possible from the start. Nappies, nighttime wake-ups, feeding. It's dull - no matter how much you love them - but it makes your bond even stronger, I promise!

What’s the best advice your father ever gave you?

Do what you like, mate. That way, when you're working, it's fun, and you spend none of your non-working time dreading going back to work, as that's not fair to those around you and it's no way to live. Basically, he set my life dial to fun!

What Aspinal product would you love to receive this Father’s Day?

I think the whole Chairman's Desk Set. I just got a new desk at home and I want it to look like I actually use it, which I almost definitely won't.

What’s been your favourite experience/memory as a father?

Very occasionally we all end up in bed together on a weekend morning, with nowhere to be. Even more occasionally, the girls choose to cuddle me instead of the infinitely less smelly and hairy Mummy. When that happens, I feel the purest joy of all. Saying that, it would be even better if my dogs were allowed on the bed...

Instagram: @dflatman

Twitter: @davidflatman

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