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Guest Edit: Carole White, co-founder of Premier Model Management.

To celebrate our partnership for London Collections Men (LCM), we welcome co-founder of Premier Model Management, Carole White for this week's Guest Edit. She tells us all about starting in the modelling business and what she's looking forward to at LCM.

How did you begin your career?

I started as a model, but quickly realised it was not a career for me so I began temping as a secretary. I did that for a while and ended up working in an agency that provided girls for Exhibitions and Department stores, which I was pretty good at and it is very similar to what I do now. I then moved on to Lucie Clayton and trained as a booker to Models. I loved it! I had found my place in the world!

What made you start your own agency?

I had been working for a few years in Model agencies and the agency I worked for Bobton's suddenly went bust, so I had no job! I went for a drink with my brother Chris and we decided to start our own agency, Premier. Chris found the money and I bought the girls. We began in his apartment in Maida Vale and everything took off very quickly. I was so lucky out of disaster a whole new life began for me.

Is there anything you look for in particular when scouting?

I look for height firstly, also quirkiness, good personality and a good body. Beauty is a strange thing. It is in the eye of the beholder and our concept of beauty in the modelling world changes slightly every season. We are so influenced by the visuals from fashion campaigns and editorials.

What is your favourite fashion city and why?

I think it has to be Paris, the city where fashion was born! The history behind the great houses is all there and it is basically in the French psyche. They have the most wonderful salons of fashion with all the traditional craftsmen to complement the designers. It is fascinating to be there in the chic capital watching the amazing creations evolve.

How do you define style?

To me, it is simply what suits a person. You mostly meet quite a lot of young women and men who have not worked out what suits them and make disastrous choices. But then you are lucky enough to meet people who have the knack of style. I think the cleanest and simplest styles are best and it goes head to toe - an amazing pair of shoes and accessories can turn something ordinary into something spectacular!

What LCM shows will you be looking forward to most?

Burberry of course! Always the slickest show on earth! Lou Dalton, JW Anderson, Casely Hayford all incredible at LCM!

How has the modelling industry changed during your career?

It is very different now. There are so many more models. When I first stated booking and up until about 2000, I think the model was king, but now the client is king as they have such a choice. With the internet and social media, everything is out there. The public want to know all about the inner life of a model; what they do, where they go, what they eat etc. The way we calculate fees is now complicated and I think with all the ecommerce modelling is at the moment, it's less creative. It will change soon as fashion constantly changes.

Do you think you'll ever get out of this business?


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