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Backstage at London Fashion Week with Fenn O'Meally

This time last week we were completing our final preparations for the Aspinal AW17 presentation, and what a day it was! Hopefully you followed along on our social media, but if not don't worry, we still have some behind the scenes info to share with you. Now that the LFW madness is calming slightly, we asked one of our favourite Aspinal of London girls to give us a quick backstage view into what fashion week is really like, read below to see her answers!

Name: Fenn O'Meally

Occupation: Presenter/Journalist/Filmmaker

Where were we most likely to find you this LFW?

Backstage at Aspinal of course! I'll also popped into Isa Arfen, Ashish and a couple of others.

What was your favourite thing about LFW?

I love how different each show is in London.

What was your LFW schedule like?

This season I guess you could say I went into a bit of a hiatus and decided to spend more time backstage to find out what really goes into the shows and presentations that we kind of take for granted.

What were your key takeaways this season?

I interviewed everyone from Make-Up artists to Hair Stylists and here are a few things I learnt:

1. A makeup artist can be given a look that takes 30 minutes and be expected to do it in 5 minutes.

2. Call times are usually four hours before the show starts. So for a 9am show, everyone has to be there at 5am. Coffee is always needed during LFW!

3. Deep breathing and sleep are essential.

4. You can expect to find a team of hairstylists with roughly 7 suitcases full of kit. And that's for a small show!

5. Balmain is one of the craziest shows to work on.

6. The backstage crew don't party that hard. "Everyone thinks we go to all the parties but we don't, we go home as soon as we can and sleep, ready for the next manic day. Our days are long enough!" James Oxley - Hair Stylist @Anyahindmrch

We hope you've enjoyed this quick backstage look into what LFW is really like, make sure you check back soon to see our next blog post!

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