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Aspinal Valentine's Blogger Special

Aspinal favourites Fleur de Force, Poppy Disney & Be Frassy all divulged their Valentine's Day experiences ahead of the big day.

Fleur de Force

The gorgeous Fleur De Force​ told us about her best Valentine's Day experience:

"My favourite Valentine's Day was last year, when my other half surprised me by booking a tiny Michelin Star restaurant in Oxfordshire for dinner and a beautiful hotel in Oxford for the night. It's not very far away from where we live but it was a perfect little mini-break for the day."

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Poppy Disney

Poppy Disney divulged her worst Valentine's Date experience to us:

"The very worst was when a fellow diner at our table had a heart attack mid-meal! He didn't die thankfully, but it did put a dampener on dinner!"

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Be Frassy

We asked the lovely Be Frassy​ what would make her Valentine's Day:

"I'm not much of a V-Day girl myself, but flowers, I adore them. A big bunch of peonies and a really great glass of wine is enough to impress me."

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