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Here we sit down with our Executive Creative Director, Emma, to discover more about her role and find out just how many handbags she's got in her wardrobe:

Behind the Scenes with Aspinal’s Creative Director

1.Describe Aspinal's style in three words.

Affordable luxury, quality, and classic elegance.

2.What's the best thing about designing for Aspinal?

It's such a privilege to work on such beautiful products, with amazing craftsmen, and in some of the best factories in the world.

3.What's your favourite piece you've ever designed?

The new Pegasus Buckle Bag, It was incredible working on the buckle and seeing it materialize from a drawing into a 3D design.

4.What's been your favourite design collaboration so far?

Michelle Dockery.

5.What does your typical working day look like?

There's never a typical day which is what makes my job so exciting. It can vary considerably, from jumping onto Eurostar to go to a leather fair in Paris to sitting on the floor of the office cutting out bags in life size out of paper. I could also be sitting in meetings with my peers discussing sales and margins- it's all in a day's work.

6.Does your job include much travel?

Yes -I am lucky to travel to the major leather fairs in Europe to look at trends and colours, as well as to look for new tanneries and meet with existing ones. I'll also visit factories to put new samples into work, and regularly do critiques on new styles in Spain, India and Turkey.

7.Where did you get your inspiration for the latest collection from?

The latest collection was inspired by the townhouses of Notting Hill, taking inspiration from their multiple shades and architecture.

8.How did you choose the colour palette for this season?

This season it was based on the vivid hues of Notting Hill but the colour direction comes from other sources too. It can be from the tanneries, the catwalk, trend advisors such as WGSN, or just a gut reaction!

9.What do you think makes a good designer?

A driven passion for the product and a love of hard work.

10.How many handbags do you own?

I own about 300, many of them being vintage which I often draw on for inspiration.

11.Do you follow trends when you develop new collections?

Yes, to a certain extent but always with an Aspinal twist.

12.When you design a piece, do you ever have a type of person in mind to wear it?

Our customer base is very broad and we find it's more about a mind-set than a person. It has to be aesthetically beautiful, practical and well-made.

13.How can your products be personalised?

In store or online items can be embossed, either blindly or in silver or gold.

14.How do you retain the English values of the brand?

Through using the best leather we can afford as well as beautiful hardware that is unique to Aspinal.

15.What's your go to handbag style for work?

A medium Marylebone which I can throw everything in- from my green juice and iPad to a spare pair of shoes. I also always carry a sketch pad and pencil! I currently have the Bordeaux Croc and love the happy pink lining.

16.Why is it worth investing in a good quality handbag?

A good handbag can last for years and even get better with age. It can also be passed down to the next generation as a much loved item.

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