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Winter Weddings

Winter weddings certainly make a lasting impression on all who attend; the celebration of your love soon becomes synonymous with a beautiful season and will be remembered for years to come. As the finest wedding venue in Bath, Homewood Park's esteemed Wedding Co-ordinator is more than qualified to offer advice for hosting the perfect winter wedding.

Theming & Styling

Seasonal décor can add a unique touch - be it with textured snowy pinecones or pretty warm lighting adorning your tables. Think rustic comfort with browns and yellows, decadent glamour with darker hues, traditional features of red and gold or cool embellishments in white and silver. To be subtler, winter foliage can be strategically placed around the venue to emphasize your favourite seasonal elements without being overbearing.


At this time of year, the delicate nature of the climate is apparent; the sun will set earlier and affect how your day progresses. It is vital that you book an early wedding ceremony so you don't run out of sunlight or lack time to get everyone together for your pictures. After the sunset, be sure to offer your guests sparklers for some incredible photographs and interesting lighting.

Selecting your dishes

Think the likes of wood pigeon, pheasant, venison and plenty of root vegetables. Get inventive with the canapes and introduce your guests to new and exciting flavours from ingredients they are already familiar with. Pair your menu with accompaniments of wine, port, spicy winter cocktails or mulled wine… you can even include cheese boards and scotch eggs or have your entire wedding cake made out of cheese.

Party favours

Provide personalised gloves to use during the day or to take home - the exquisite leather and cashmere lined gloves from Aspinal of London are a perfect choice for the ladies, and the sheepskin lined alternative for gentlemen is sure to be gratefully received by guests. A hamper of cheese with a miniature bottle of alcohol is a thoughtful touch, as are scarves to help keep guests warm throughout the day.

The suit and gown

The bride can experiment with various glamorous looks without compromising on her warmth and comfort. Long sleeves of lace or mesh teamed with faux fur trims will work and for those brave enough, a strapless gown with an embroidered coat, faux fur or upper arm gloves. The groom can complement the bride's outfit with a top hat and tails, smart gloves or even a tweed ensemble and waistcoat.

Venue & Location

Your party will feel special by having exclusive use of your venue. Traffic or adverse weather conditions won't hinder the day as everyone will be where they need to be. Want to play with sparklers? Grab a scarf and step outside with a warm mulled wine to take in your surroundings. To warm up, head to the decadent fireplace for some conversation over a scotch.

As the most sought-after wedding venue in Bath, the team at Homewood Park can help make memories that you will never forget.

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