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What's in your bag, Marco?

Every now and again it's always nice to see what's inside the bags of the industry insiders. Previously on the blog we took a peek inside our Creative Director, Mariya Dykalo's bag and were pretty surprised to find a two headed dinosaur! This week we had a snoop inside our Head of Graphic Design, Marco Claveria.

Why the bag?

The Small Mount Street is a slick compact modern bag that holds its shape well. This bag is designed for guys like me who need to balance work and life all the time. My Mount Street has all the handy compartments I need, even for the tech stuff. I'm one of those who forgets to charge my phone so it's ideal I can charge on the go with the tech version of the bag - the juice pack lasts for ages.

What is the thing you always have in your bag?

In my line of work I always have a ton of files and images with me moving from office to office or from home. I always have my external hard drive with me and a smaller USB to make things a little easier. It means wherever I am based I can crack on with work.

What wouldn't we expect to see in your bag?

Maybe Monocle magazine? I got into the title a couple of years back and always try and have it on me for train journeys etc. After I've read an issue I feel like no matter who I meet or where I am, I could kick off a really interesting convocation.

How come you have your watch in the bag and not on your wrist?

A couple of reasons; I'm always based at a PC and often having a big watch can actually make doing my job a bit harder. It's chunky and hits the table all the time. But also it was a gift from my dad, so I don't want to scratch it. I keep it on hand in case I'm popping into a meeting or anything and I can keep an eye on the time without being 'that guys who always checks his phone'.

What else do you have in your bag?

I always have my camera on me - you never know when the inspiration will come and I like to think that I'm always ready to capture it. A ceramic coffee mug is my trustee friend, keeping me going throughout the day

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