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The Psychology of Colour: Five Inspirational American Women

Colour is a useful tool of self-expression that we are surrounded by each and every day, whether it's the clothes we wear, the places we are in or the objects that we use. We've been looking at the Instagram feeds of some of the most inspirational women across the pond to see what colours they featured the most in 2016 and how this might match up to their individual personalities and beliefs.


Known around the world as 'Queen Bey', R&B singer, actress and talented songwriter, Beyoncé, is true royalty in the world of international music. Widely considered one of the best female artists of her time, she's also a prominent influence for fellow musicians too with Adele famously dedicating her award to Beyoncé at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

An icon of femininity and empowerment, Beyoncé's Instagram feed undoubtedly reflects these values. Radiating confidence and strength, her dominant colour for 2016 was gold. Majestic and victorious, gold is a colour very much associated with status, prestige and wealth. From her gold and black warrior queen ensemble at the Super Bowl in February to the shimmering outfits she donned on her Formation tour, this opulent colour repeatedly took centre stage and helped to emphasise Beyoncé's status as a star.

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Oprah Winfrey

Talk show host and prominent philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey is widely considered one of the most influential women in the world. While The Oprah Winfrey Show went off air in 2011, she's still seen on TV screens in her spiritual self-help show Super Soul Sundays that takes place outdoors. Getting in touch with nature seems to be important to Oprah, with her taking her team to Maui each year to reconnect and bond without the hindrances of urban living.

Her Instagram feed in 2016 was filled with nature and greenery, showing images of beautiful scenic settings and fresh vegetables harvested from her garden. We are given the sense that in order to do the work she does and replenish the mind, body and soul, she needs to regularly be at one with nature. To be surrounded by it is the closest we get to being in our natural state, and it brings a sense of balance to our lives. Oprah likes to earth herself and escape the unnaturalness of modern living, seen through her many photos featuring green hues. Universally, green represents a love of the planet as well as peace, harmony and equilibrium.

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Sheryl Sandberg

From her role as chief operating officer of Facebook to launching, a non-profit organisation that encourages female leadership, Sheryl Sandberg truly is an inspirational woman. A crusader of women's rights, she motivates people from all walks of life to pursue their dreams and create positive change.

Her achievements are all recorded on her Instagram feed, with 2016 being a year that she continued to support important causes, flourish in her role at Facebook as well as deal with the tragic loss of her husband the year before. She maintained an aura of warmth, friendliness and supportiveness throughout, but there is a definite core of steel within her which has allowed her to stay focused.

Professional and level-headed, Sheryl's colours of choice are very much prevalent to her work and attitude. Her favour of dark blue represents her intellect and logic while white symbolises clarity and clear headedness. Similarly, the frequent use of black in her clothing portrays determination and ambition, key traits that have helped her excel in her career.

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Venus Williams

A female tennis player who was once considered the best in the world, Venus Williams has a long list of tournament titles and medals to her name. However, sports are not her only passion. Through the carefully selected images on her Instagram page, its plain to see that interior design and fashion are two things Venus Williams also loves.

While white is traditionally associated with tennis, her Instagram page couldn't be more vibrant with a rainbow of colour showing through in most of the images. From red weaves in her hair and multi-coloured active wear to scenery splashed with colour, she's not afraid to wear or be surrounded by a rainbow of shades. Just like she goes all out when she plays tennis, she appears to go all out with her use of colour off the court.

A love of colour represents a more playful, fun side to Venus which contracts to the disciplined nature of her profession. She really embraces it, using it to express her creativity and playfulness. In one image, she even writes 'Rainbows of colors are such a design inspiration for me', highlighting the fact that she uses an array of hues in both her EleVen by Venus collection and the interior looks she helps co-design.

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Arianna Huffington

A prominent writer and co-founder of The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington is known for her intellect. She is smart, switched on, and continuously stimulated by new thoughts and ideas. Highly regarded by many, she has been asked to sit on a number of discussion panels including the World Economic Forum where she inspired people to change the way we work and think.

2016 was a busy year for Arianna Huffington, with her launch of the #IAmAMogul campaign in March, which aimed to inspire women to be moguls, as well as her support for the #rethink campaign in February for the World Economic Forum. A colour that stimulates the mind, dark blue featured often on her Instagram feed throughout 2016. From her pictured against backdrops of blue at events to wearing the tone from head to toe at a film premiere, this hue communicated her knowledge, rational, authority and integrity as a person and in her role as a journalist. Arianna's articles at The Huffington Post are intellectual and thoroughly researched; they get us to think outside of the box and question the world around us.

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